Border Collie Club

Championship Breed show results 18/11/2018

Dogs - Judge: Richard Kinsey.                 Bitch results click here 

Pictures - Click here

Veteran Dog

1. Sh.Ch.Laceway Lone Ranger JW BVIS 

2. Bilyara Orapa

3. Goytre Smokin Gun

4. Wildblue It’s the Business ShCM 

5. Nashdom Unpredictable

Vintage Dog 

No Entries

Minor Puppy Dog

1. Borderdale Blue Marvel 

2. Foxbarton Wayward Prince

Puppy Dog 

1. Mirage Frozen Again For Hysteps A1 BPD. BOSPIS 

2. From Borders Home Whatever You Want

3. Borderdale Blue Marvel 

4. Foxbarton Wayward Prince

Junior Dog

1. Border Follies Q Heart of Gold RDCC 

2. Nashdom Putting On the Style 

3. From Borders Home Whatever you Want 

4. Foxbarton Wayward Prince

Yearling Dog 

1. Master of Illusion JW

2. Foxbarton Royal Prince 

3. Meisterwerk Reef

Novice Dog 

1. Miraje Frozen Again for Hysteps 

2. Foxbarton Wayward Prince 

3. Foxbarton Royal Prince 

4. Lucky Lancelot of Cherrylane

Graduate Dog 

1. Kinaway All Is Said and Done For Jacamalis 

2. Foxbarton Royal Prince 

3. Lucky Lancelot of Cherrylane

Post Graduate Dog

1. Goytre Frozen Memories 

2. Sheltysham Sparklin Idea

 3. Littlethorn Kentucky 

 4. Cartezz It’s About That Time 

 5. Caleykiz Wild is the Wind

Mid Limit Dog

1. Sheltysham Son of Swag For Borderclan JW

2. Locheil Raise Your Glass To Tonkory 

3. Caleykiz Wild is the Wind

Limit Dog 

1. Wizaland Northern Soul

 2. Goytre Hiding My Heart 

3. Tonkory I’m All Right Jack

 4. Sheltysham Sparklin Idea

5. Locheil Meet Joe Black

Open Dog

1. Sh.Ch.Arrodare It’s Now Or Never JW DCC RBIS BOS

2. Nashdom Putting On The Ritz AI

3. Jupavia For Eyes of the World 

4. Anscott Elliott JW

5. Tonkory Like It or Lump it

 Special Working Dog

1. Littlethorn Kentucky 

2. Quories Sweep from Snowmere

Special Members Open 

1. Tonkory King of the Road

2. Foxbarton Kings Knight

Good Citizens Dog 

1. Littlethorn Kentucky 

2. Foxbarton Kings Knight 

3. Meisterwerk Reef

4. Foxbarton Royal Prince 

5. Quories Sweep from Snowmere

Champion Dog 

1. Sh.Ch.Fayken I Am Legend JW

2. Sh.Ch. Wizaland Songs From the Wood ShCM

3. Sh.Ch. Laceway Photo Finish