Border Collie Club

Results from the November 2019 Championship show Bitches Dogs here

Pictures from show available here shortly.

 Professional pictures taken by Our Dogs Photographer can be seen here www.photoroy.com  Under Albums.

Veteran Bitch

1. Sh.Ch.Fayken Indecent Proposal JW. BVIS

2. Kinaway Memories

3. Goytre Smokin Sharps

4. Moshanta Midnight Star Over Collherd

5. Quories Dee from Snowmere ISDS RL5

Vintage Bitch

1. Shemella Evening Mist

2. Rajjinka Safe Bet

3. Elthea Great Expectations

4. Starside Special Song for Pedmore

Minor Puppy Bitch

1. Tambuzi True Colours

2. Laceway Raise the Roof

Puppy Bitch

1. Fayken I Am Here. BPIS

2. Calarets This Bird has flown

Junior Bitch

1. Fayken Final Destination

2. Caleykiz Hey There Delilah

3. Pencoppen All Time Love

4. Cartezz Paloma

Yearling Bitch

1. Arrodare Royal Flush JW

Novice Bitch

1. Pencoppen All Time Love

2. Laceway Rock the Boat

3. Closheps Rio Mist

Graduate Bitch

1. Arrodare Beautiful Trauma

2. Zeabo Yankee Girl IMP IT

Post Graduate Bitch

1. Kirkbridgend Rhea

2. Altricia Lady Midnight for Pedmore

3. Wizaland Breakaway Beth

4. Closheps Rio Mist

 Mid Limit Bitch

 1. Kinaway I have a Dream JW

2.Tonkory Quickstep with Pitcombe AI JW ShCM

Limit Bitch

1. Littlethorn Aero

2. Shemella Drifting Snow

3. Goytre Frozen Wishes

4. Janbell Zafrina

5. Tonkory I’ll Be There for Nashdom

Open Bitch

1. Fayken the Devil in Me JW RBCC

2. Sh.Ch.Sashdan Never Ending Story AI JW

3.Cebelrai Aludra

4. Tonkory Putting on the Style

5. Caleykiz Make M’Ya Aphrodite

Special Working Bitch

1. Shemella Drifting Snow

2. Zeabo Yankie Girl Imp It

3. Quories Dee from Snowmere ISDS RL5

4. Closheps Opti Mist

Special Members Bitch

 1. Altricia Lady Midnight for Pedmore

Good Citizens Bitch

1. Tonkory Jumping for Joy over Collherd

2. Moshanta Midnight Star over Collherd

3. Quories Dee from Snowmere ISDS RL5

4. Bilyara Ice Maiden

Champion Bitch

 1. Sh.Ch.Fayken I Am Love JW BCC + BIS

2. Sh.Ch.Tonkory I Should Coco JW

3. Sh.Ch.Laceway Echo Falls JW

Judge: Gary Gray


I would like to thank the committee for my invitation to judge Best in Show and Junior Handling.  

Best in Show   Mr R. Green.  Sh Ch Fayken I am Love JW Quality three year old feminine B/W bitch she just oozes quality. Well proportioned with a smooth outline showing gracefulness and perfect balance. Free tireless gait. Congratulations.

   Reserve Best in Show and Best Opposite Sex   Wiltshire Cartland and Akester.  Thwaitlake all Fired Up.   Masculine solid 3 year old B/W dog previously have done well for this dog as a puppy now maturing well. Broad skull, good  length of neck. Deep chest. Moved with stealth and speed. Congratulations.  

 Best Puppy in Show   Green & Ratcliffe  Fayken I am Here Another quality 11 month old B/W balanced puppy who shares the same parents as my Best in Show winner. Athletic body well sprung ribs. One destined for top honours. Congratulations.  

 Best Opposite Sex Puppy in Show   P. Hartfield. Moshanta may contain Nuts.   7 month balanced classically marked B/W dog puppy. Moved well. Congratulations.  

Best Veteran/Vintage in Show   Mr.R.Green Sh Ch Fayken Indecent Proposal.   Quality ultra feminine 8 year old B/W classically marked bitch. Lovely overall body shape. Keen alert expression. True movement with free flowing gait. Congratulations.

   Best Opposite Sex Veteran/Vintage in Show   S. Portman Sh Ch Caleykiz Smoke on the Water Quality almost 8 year old BL/W masculine dog. Good front and rear movement. Well proportioned body. Moved well.      

Junior Handling 6-11. 1 entry   1st Elysse Ambler   Competent young handler. Presented your dog well and replaced his feet when I moved them. Good handling on reverse triangle. Take note where the judge stands to return from a triangle.  Best Junior Handler. Congratulations.  

Junior Handling 12-16. 2 entries I absent.   1st Bobby Lee   Perfect harmony with your dog today. Your dog didn’t like the reverse triangle but well handled. Knowledgeable on the points of a dog well done. Congratulations.  

Judge Bev Smith.