Border Collie Club

Open Breed Show 7th April 2018

Dog results

Minor Puppy Dog

1. Nashdom Putting On The Style BPIS 

2. Caleykiz Lightening Strike 

3. Crack on Craig

No entries for Puppy 

Junior Dog

1. Tonkory Talking Point at Tidespring 

2. Meisterwerk Reef

Yearling Dog 

1. Kinaway All Is Said and Done For Jacamalis JW RBD

2. Kirkbridgend Kairos 

Novice Dog 

1. Nashdom Putting On the Style

2. Rujaff Topsy Turvy 

3. Wizaland Brit Idol 

Post Graduate Dog

1. Littlethorn Kentucky 

2. Cartezz It’s About That Time 

Limit Dog

1. Tonkory I’m All Right Jack

2. Locheil Meet Joe Black 

Open Dog

1. Sh.Ch.Chastanse Sweet William

2. Nashdom Putting On The Ritz AI

3. Locheil Edge of Glory 

Veteran Dog 

1. Wildblue It’s The Business ShCM BD BOSIS BVIS

2. Moshanta Midnight Sky 

3. Quories Sweep from Snowmere 


Dog 1. Littlethorn Kentucky 

2. Quories Sweep from Snowmere 

3. Rujaff Topsy Turvy 

 Working Dog 

1. Littlethorn Kentucky BWIS

2. Quories Sweep from Snowmere 

3. Rujaff Topsy Turvy

Bitch results 

Minor Puppy Bitch 

1. Nashdom La Vie Est Belle RBPIS

2. Defying Gravity 

 No Puppy Bitches 

No Junior Bitches 

Yearling Bitch 

1. Kinaway I Have A Dream JW BB RBIS

2. Caristan Chocolate Liquor 

3. Tonkory Reverie At Tidespring 

4. Tonkory Quickstep with Pitcombe JW

5. Kirkbridgend Athena 

Novice Bitch 

 1. Nashdom La Vie Est Belle 

2. Kirkbridgend Athena 

3. Defying Gravity 

4. Closheps Riomist

Post Graduate Bitch 

1. Kanamaren Anything She Does at Tidespring 

2. Tonkory Putting on the Style 

3. Alpana Strike a Pose 

4. Kirkbridgend Rock Star

5. Dreamwork Interstellar 

 Limit Bitch 

1. Mirage It’s Too Darn Hot at Pikara ShCM

2. Tonkory Mark Time AI

3. Tonkory Onwards and upwards 

Open Bitch 

1. Tonkory I Should Coco JW BB BIS

2. Moshanta Movin On JW ShCM

3. Tonkory I’ll be there for Nashdom 

4. Moshanta Must be Love at Janquillow 

5. Sh.Ch. Locheil By Invitation Only to Croxlea

Veteran Bitch 

 1. Sh.Ch. Locheil Moments LikeThis for Croxlea 

2. Kirkwind Poppet at Kirkbridgend 

3. Elthea Great Expectations 

4. Quories Dee from Snowmere 

5. Elthea Great Sensibility 

AOC Bitch 

1. Caristan Chocolate Liquor BAOCIS

2. Elthea Great Expectations 

3. Kirkbridgend Athena 

4. Dreamwork Interstellar 

5. Quories Dee from Snowmere 

Working Bitch 

1. Kirkwind Poppet at Kirkbridgend 

2. Kirkbridgend Rock Star 

3. Locheil I’m a Star 

4. Quories Dee from Snowmere 

 5. Elthea Great Sensibility