Border Collie Club

Open breed show, 8th April 2017

I’d like to thank the officers and committee of the West of England Border Collie Club for inviting me to judge their Open Show – on what must have been the hottest day of the year so far! Wonderful hospitality and a lovely entry of dogs. I didn’t find a dirty dog all day, I only found a couple of incorrect bites, one or two with movement that wasn’t right on the day, a few ‘flying’ tails which does spoil the outline and hinder movement – and which of course is also incorrect – but which with training can in the most part be cured. Construction on the whole was good, as was condition, one or two who could do with losing a bit of weight and some that perhaps could do with building up some more muscle... this is a working breed and to do its job it needs to be fit! Thanks you to the exhibitors who accepted my placing with good grace.

My BIS has a very promising future I shall watch his progress with interest.

Minor Puppy Dog (2)

 1          Kinton & Davis’s Kinaway All is Said and Done for Jacamalis Just 7 months, black and white boy, liked his shape, good depth of chest, nice dark eye and mild, attentive expression, correct bite, altogether a well constructed and well presented happy pup who moved with enthusiasm for his handler, will watch his progress with interest.

2          Birbeck’s Closheps Blue Mist 8 month old tri dog, liked his head, good length of tail, promising lad but very unsettled on the day, needs time to settle.

Puppy Dog (4)

1          Patch’s Locheil on the Money 11 month black and white dog, good overall shape and balance, good head, good tail length, liked his expression very much. Needs to move a little faster to get the best out of him but very promising puppy. BPD, BPIS

2          Bridges & Cooper’s Kirkbridgend Kairos 9 month boy. Well placed shoulders, nice dark eye, good turn of stifle, moved reasonably well but prefer the head and stop of 1.

3          Robert’s Kirkbridgend Aeolus

Res      Birbeck’s Closheps Blue Mist

Junior Dog (2)

1          Connolly’s Alpana Smokin Style 13 months, blue and white, well constructed, correct scissor bite, good head and neck leading to well placed shoulders, topline good sloping into croup and well set tail of good length. Very well muscled and in good all round condition, well handled, moved out well.

2          Robert’s Kirkbridgend Aeolus 9 months. Blue and white, good leg length and good length of tail– which he unfortunately carried over his back, spoiling the outline,  movement somewhat erratic, it’s all in the right place but he needs to time to mature. Would prefer a more masculine head.  

Yearling Dog (2)

1          Chandler’s Razda Fame & Fortune 18 month black and white, of good size, well presented, would have liked more use of ears, liked his eye colour, well constructed front and rear, overall well balanced, attentive to handler. Somewhat unsettled on the move.

2          Gardner’s Littlethorn Kentucky RL3Ex  23 months. Sadly carrying a bit too much weight today which cost him the class, tri colour, shorter in body than 1, nice dark eye and moved quite well, good head, mouth, good depth of chest, well sprung ribs, good turn of stifle. Will continue to mature.

Novice Dog (3)

1          Chandler’s Razda Fame & Fortune.

2          Bridges & Cooper’s Kirkbridgend Kairos

3          Williamson’s Rujaff Topsy Turvy

Post Graduate Dog (2)

1          Mockford’s Quories Sweep From Snowmere ISDS RL5 I make no excuse for giving this lad this class, he drops and drives as a BC should, well constructed, extremely well muscled, has a lovely expression, good depth of chest, turn of stifle – won this class on his effortless movement. Best Working in Show

2          Carter’s Cartezz Its About That Time Heavier type than winner, good shoulder placement, presented in good condition, somewhat unsettled on the move

Limit Dog (5)

1          Smith’s Arrodare Sex on Fire Good sized black and white boy, showing great maturity for his 20 months, lovely head, dark eye, tipped ears, correct bite, super neck of excellent length, leading to well laid back shoulders, good level topline, sloping over croup to well set tail, good turn of stifle, neat feet, creating a very pleasing picture, Moved out so well, at one with his handler, real reach and drive showing in the way he moved, he could have gone on and on, pleased to award him Best Dog and then Best in Show. A dog with a huge future. BD, BIS

2          Lampier's Tonkory I’m All Right Jack Very unlucky to meet 1 here - black and white, nicely constructed, well set ears, good eye colour, good mouth, pleasing expression, good neck and shoulders, moved well. Has matured nicely in the 11months since I last judged him and worthy of his place in this strong class.

3          Patch’s Locheil Meet Joe Black

Res      Mills’ & Entwistle’s Beesting Mesemba

VHC   Hawker’s Laceway Phoenix with Taytinja

Open Dog (1)

1          Hawker’s Foxbarton Taittinger JW, ShCM Stood alone but nevertheless a worthy class winner, good head and ear set, leading into neck of sufficient length, good feet, moved well, attentive to handler.

Veteran Dog (3)

1          Smith’s Blade of Bron Yr Aur (Imp Hung) A dog I have admired for a long time – but the first time I have judged him. On the smaller end of the spectrum, love his dark body which produces a fabulous profile, excellent topline on the move, nothing not to like about him, compact dog, well muscled, good reach and drive, nicely turned stifle, eye colour and expression very pleasing, presented in well muscled and excellent condition, handled sensitively – handler and dog as one. RBD.

2          Folwell’s Moshanta Midnight Sky 8 year old, presents a very nice picture – good outline, like his head, eyes and ear set, mouth ,very good coat, moves with reach and drive, in good hard condition, neat feet, best I have seen him and very unlucky to come up against class winner.

3          Hawker’s Foxbarton Taittinger JW, ShCM

AOC Dog (7, 2a)

1          Mills’ Beesting Dalesman  7 year old merle, in good coat, good depth of chest, turn of stifle, would prefer slightly longer neck, moved well and steadily, in tune with his handler

2           Mockford’s Quories Sweep From Snowmere ISDS RL5

 3          Collier’s Pepperbox Sea Tiger

Res      Gardner’s Littlethorn Kentucky

VHC   Williamson’s Rujaff Topsy Turvy

Working Dog (5, 1)

1          Mockford’s Quories Sweep From Snowmere ISDS RL5

2          Hawker’s Laceway Phoenix with Taytinja Black and white, good reach of neck, good front assembly, dark and kind eye, very attentive to handler and moved well.

3          Gardner’s Littlethorn Kentucky

Res      Collier’s Pepperbox Sea Tiger

Minor Puppy Bitch (7)

1          Gregory’s Tonkory Run Around Sue 6 months. What a very pretty and promising little girl she is. Beautiful reach of neck, correct bite, good eye colour, lovely feminine head, so at one wither handler and moved well for one so young; certainly one to watch for the future, very much the type I like from this kennel.

2          Johnson’s Kanamaren Anything She Does at Tidespring  8 months, another feminine bitch, well built, with a lovely head, topline good, moved out well, tail good length, could swap places with 1 another time.

3          Kiton’s Kinaway I Have a Dream

Res      Hartfield’s Moshanta Must Be Movin

VHC   Ward’s Caristan Chocolate Liquor

Puppy Bitch (8)

1.         Snook & James' Tonkory Quickstep with Pitcombe AI Showed herself very well, good reach of neck, expression, head and mouth good, well constructed front, level topline held on this move, sloping to croup and well furnished long tail. She needs speed to show her to her best advantage, today she achieved that! BPB

2          Gregory’s Tonkory Run Around Sue

3          Robertson’s Tonkory Quietly Confident AI

Res      Hartfield’s Moshanta Must Be Movin

VHC   Bridges & Cooper Kirkbridgend Athena

Junior Bitch (9)

1          Green’s Fayken I am Love Beautifully presented in fabulous all round condition, well muscled, flowing outline from head to tail... lovely head, correct bite, lovely expression, tipped ears, excellent reach of neck into well laid shoulders, topline sloping gently over croup to her well set tail. Moved very soundly, at one with her hander, I have since heard this gave her her final Junior Warrant point ... well deserved. Very much a girl to watch in the future. Best bitch, Reserve Best in Show

2          Wettern’s Alpana Strike Pose A lovely well built and very feminine tri colour bitch, finer than 1st but still a very well put together girl, with good neck, shoulders, stifle, good length of tail, presented in lovely well muscled condition, was unlucky to meet 1 today, she shows a lot of promise.

3          Smiths’ Fayken Striptease

Res      Snook & James' Tonkory Quickstep with Pitcombe AI

VHC   Gregory’s Tonkory Putting on the Style

Yearling Bitch (3)

1          Green’s Fayken the Devil in Me, litter sister to the junior winner and a very similar type. Loved her head, eye colour, in fact everything about her, moved beautifully, challenged hard against her sister for BB, they truly are ‘twins’! Another with a bright future ahead. RBB

2          Gregory’s Tonkory Putting on the Style 13 months old, another very feminine bitch, with correct scissor bite, good stop, nice dark eye, used her ears well, lovely shape, neck and shoulders, moved with reach and drive, well and sensitively handled, one to watch.

3          Hawker’s Jupavia Midnight Secret by Taytinja

Novice Bitch (8)

1          Robertson’s Tonkory Quietly Confident Slightly on the small side but a very pretty bitch with a lovely head, dark eye, well used ears, good neck and shoulders, nice topline, and turn of stifle, very attentive to handler.

2          Carter’s Cartezz Cosmopolitan Larger bitch, different type to 1, classically marked, well constructed, good muscle tone, moved well and steadily.

3          Emery’s Sianworth Highland Rose for Florauna

Res      Hawker’s Jupavia Midnight Secret by Taytinja

VHC   Byrne’s Altricia Touch the Sky

Post graduate Bitch (7, 2)

1          Ratcliffe’s Arrodare Fuel to the Flame JW Lovely compact well constructed bitch, dark face and eye in feminine head, well sprung ribs, good chest, and good tail length, moved well. A lot to like about her. All in all a worthy class winner

2          Gregory’s Tonkory Putting on the Style

3          Bridges’ Kirkbridge Rock Star

Res      Emery’s Sianworth Highland Rose for Florauna

VHC   Byrne’s Altricia Touch the Sky

Limit Bitch (4)

 1          Ward’s Caristan Summer Mist Good head, correct bite, like her eye colour, used ears well, neck leading to good well placed shoulders, good slope to croup, and good length of tail, moved well

2          Lampier’s Tonkory Mark Time AI   I’ve judged her in the past and she has matured well, correct bite, good head and neck, good ears, good turn of stifle, good tail length, attentive to handler, movement was steady with a good topline on the move.

3          Langdon’s Tonkory Long Time Coming to Skyvana

Res      Byrne’s Altricia Touch the Sky

Open Bitch (5, 2)

1          Follwell’s Moshanta Must Be Love at Janquillow Lovely dark faced bitch, again one I have judged before, excellent on the move, real reach and drive, like her head, eye colour, good reach of neck and ear carriage, well laid back shoulders, presented in very good well muscled condition.

2          Warren's Elthea Great Expectations Red and white bitch, heavier type than 1, classically marked, nicely constructed, moved out well, preferred type of 1.

3          Byrne’s Altricia Touch the Sky

Veteran Bitch (6, 2)

1          Wetterns’ Sh Ch Grandver in Style JW A bitch I have judged before and who I like immensely, super flowing movement, has real reach and drive, well put together front and rear, never a heavy coated girl but today she was looking good. Lovely condition, well muscled, this one runs and it shows. Hard to believe she is now 8 ½. BVIS

2          Thomas’ Elthea Great Sensibility Not I suspect in full coat, ears used well, expression good, nice tail length, good head, attentive to handler. Moved soundly.

3.         Ward’s Caristan Cincinnati

Res      Bridges’ Kirkwind Poppet at Kirkbridgend AWS

AOC Bitch (5)

1          Warren's Elthea Great Expectations – Best AOC in show

2          Emery’s Sianworth Highland Rose for Florauna Black tri, very heavy coat in very good condition, well groomed, good rich tri, moved better here than in previous classes, lovely long tail, good turn of stifle, good expression.

3          Bridges’ Kirkbridgend Athena

Res      Byrne’s Altricia Touch the Sky

VHC   Waugh’s Chazak Skys the Limit

Working Bitch (4)

1          Bridges Kirkbridgend Rock Star Lovely honest bitch who moved really well holding her topline on the move, feminine head, good turn of stifle, good eye colour, correct mouth. Finer than some but built for the job. Well muscled, well presented, attentive to her handler who got the best out of her.

2          Bridges’ Kirkwind Poppet at Kirkbridgend AWS Mother of 1, classically marked black and white bitch, pricked ears, long tail, good feminine head, depth of chest, good stifle, moved well.

3          Thomas’ Elthea Great Sensibility

Res      McDevitt’s Closheps Opti Mist      

 Hilary Kerr  Judge