Border Collie Club

Breed show results, 6th April 2019

Thank you to the committee for inviting me to judge at your friendly well run show and also to the members of the committee that ran the kitchen who did a grand job. My main thank you goes to the exhibitors for allowing me to go over their dogs. I very much enjoyed my day with a good size ring. There were some close decisions in some of the classes, but I was very happy with my final line up and winners.  

Minor Puppy Dog (2)  

1st Lampiers – Pencoppen Good Timin’- 6 months old b/w who was making his debut today. A nicely balanced puppy, keen alert expression Good reach of neck, top line and nice croup. Good length of tail, moved well once settled. BPD

2nd Warren’s – Meisterwerk Skomer – A slightly bigger puppy. Good front and reach of neck, good for bone, moved ok.

Puppy Dog (1)  

1st Warrens - Meisterwerk Skomer 

Junior Dog (1)

1st Greave’s – Moshanta Midnight Hour – Good head and expression, right height to length ratio. Good ribbing held topline well on the move, moved ok. 

Yearling Dog (2)  Two quality dogs here, just felt that 1st had the better movement on the day.

1st Shahmatova’s- Nashdom Putting N The Style (JW) Lovely head with good eye, nicely made with good front and rear angulation. Good for bone, moved well holding a good topline.

2nd Lees- Master of Illusion (JW) Good head and ear carriage, nicely bodied, good croup and tail set moved well. 

Novice Dog (2)  

1st Greaves Moshanta Midnight Hour 

2nd Williamson’s – Rujaff Topsy Turvy – Pricked eared tri dog with good alert expression, good reach of neck. Level topline, ok for bone, moved well

Post Graduate Dog (6)(1A)

 1st Metherell’s – Starside Proper Job – Nicely made dog, with good head and ear carriage. Deep chest with well sprung ribs, good croup and tail set. Moved well, just tends to raise the tail a bit on the move, but otherwise a quality dog.

2nd – Carters – Cartezz Its About That Time – Another nice moving dog with adequate length of neck, good topline and tail set, moved well. 

3. Kirkbridgend Kairos

Res. Sheltysham Sparklin Idea

VHC Littlethorn Kentucky 

Limit Dog (4) (1A) 

1st Lampier’s – Tonkory I’m Alright Jack. Lovely balanced dog, good height to length ratio. Alert looking, who carries his ears well. Fairly broad chest, good ribbing, croup and tail set. Moved and showed well today. 

2nd Kinton/Davis – Kinaway All Is Said & Done for Jacamalis – Another nice dog who moved well once settled. Good front and rear angulation. Good reach of neck holding his topline well on the move.

3rd Bridle’s – Sheltysham Sparklin Idea


1st – Shahmatova’s – Nashdom Putting On The Ritz – Quality dog who is balanced throughout. Good semi-erect ears carriage set well apart. Nicely shaped eye, good length of neck, broading at shoulders. Ideal depth of chest and well sprung ribs. Good croup and tail set. Moved freely and well holding a lovely topline. Pleased to award him BD and BIS. Well Done.


1st – Shahmatova’s Nashdom Unpredicable- Another quality dog who caught my eye, good front and rear angulations. Well bodied, good turn of stifle, croup and tail set but most of all loved his movement, free and easy with a lovely side profile. RBD – Well Done.

2nd – Mockfords – Quories Sweep from Snowmere ISDS RL6 – 8 ½ year old tri dog, good front assembly, good depth of chest, well bodied, holding a good topline with a true border collie action.


1st Mockfords - Quories Sweep from Snowmere ISDS RL6

2nd Williamson’s - Rujaff Topsy Turvy

Working Dog(5)(2A)

1st – Metherall’s – Starside Proper Job

2nd Mockfords – Quories Sweep from Snowmere ISDS RL6

3. Rujaff Topsy Turvy


 Minor Puppy Bitch(2) 

1st – Lampier’s – Pencoppen All Time Love – 6 months old, feminine girl, giving a lovely expression. Good length of neck, nice angulations, croup and tail set, putting on a good display for age, moved well

2nd – Cooper’s – Moshanta Midsummer Dream – 7 ½ months old, pricked eared girl giving that alert expression. Good front assembly, nicely boned, good length of tall, moved well. 

 Puppy Bitch(4 )

1st Lee/Ratcliffe’s – Arrodare Royal Flush – Beautifully balanced quality puppy, who has a good head and well placed ears. Good shape eye, good reach of neck ,  nicely bodied with good length of tail, well angulated, moved well holding her topline. Pleased to hear she got her final point for her JW. BPIS Well Done.

2nd Spurr’s – Dreamwork Collat’ral Beauty – Slightly longer in cast then 1st, alert looking with good use of ears, deep chest, well sprung ribs, moved well. 

3rd Cooper’s – Moshanta Midsummer Dream  

 4. Cartezz Paloma 

Junior Bitch(3) 

 1st Tobermoray Godrevy Beach – Nicely balanced, with good height to length ratio. Tipped ears giving that alert expression, well bodied, good length of tail, moved well.  

2nd – Edmonds - Tazaeos Hot Legs –Another nice bitch, semi tipped ears, good eye colour and shape. Lovely reach of neck onto a good topline, nice angulation again moved well, close decision between the two.

3rd – Keabo Yankie Girl (IMP ITA) 

Yearling Bitch(3)(1A)

1st Shahmatova’s – Nashdom La Vie Est Belle – Feminine bitch of good quality throughout. Balanced head with good reach of neck, with a good lay back of shoulder, nicely boned, croup and good length of tail, moved soundly.

2nd Emery’s- Florauna Sky Full of Stars – Slightly bigger in type than 1st Alert looking with good use of ears, well bodied, good croup and tail set, not at her happiest today, moved ok.


1st Tobermoray Godrevy Beach

2nd Edmond’s – Tazaeos Hot Legs

3rds Cooper’s – Moshanta Mystic Maiden  

Post Graduate Bitch(8)(2A) 

Best Class of the day where some could change places on another day

1st – Snook/James – Tonkory Quickstep with Pitcombe  JW ShCM – This bitch caught my eye as she entered the ring. Good length to height ratio. Lovely balanced head with good use of ears, giving that appealing expression. Good reach of neck, well bodied, good length of tail moved soundly.

2nd – Greenings – Kanamaren Hold on my Heart – Another quality bitch who put on a good display. Ideal head proportions, with good reach of neck. Fairly broad deep chest, well bodied, good croup and tail set. Moved well pushed first all the way.

3rd – Kintons – Kinaway I have a dream JW

4. Alpana Strike A Pose 

5. Kirkbridgend Athena 

Limit Bitch(3)(1A) 

 1st Lampier’s – Tonkory Mark Time AI – Lovely balanced bitch, of good head proportions. Ideal eye shape, good angulation front and rear, good length of tail, moved just enough for me to clinch the class. 

2nd Greenings – Arniston Maid of Honour at Kanamaren – Another bitch of good qualities, active ears appealing eye shape giving a lovely expression, good depth of chest, ideal reach of neck. Well bodied, good turn of stifle, lovely tailset and length, moved well.

 Open Bitch(5) 

1st – Gregory’s – Tonkory Some Have it JW. Well-constructed bitch well laid shoulders, chest fairly deep, good ribbing, strong hind quarters with a good turn of stifle. Scored well on her free flowing movement. BB

2nd Greenings – Arniston Spring Sunshine at Kanamaren – This girl didn’t stop showing from the minute she walked into the ring. Good head, eye and ear carriage giving that appealing expression. Deep fairly broad chest, well bodied, good length of tail. Move with purpose in all directions, holding good level topline. 

3rd Hartfield’s – Moshanta Movin on the  JW ShCM

4. Kinaway Memories JW

5. Kirkbridgend Rock Star

Veteran Bitch(8)(3A)

1st Bloomfield’s – Sh Ch Grandver in Style JW – Beautiful 10 ½ year old tri bitch. Balanced head with good semi tipped ears, set wide apart. Good reach of neck onto a well laid back shoulder. Nicely bodied with good ribbing, ideal croup and tail set. Moved round the ring with ease showing reach and drive. Close decision for top Bitch RBB 

2nd Bridge’s – Kirkwind Poppet at Kirkbridgend  AW– B/W 9 ½ year old bitch who scored well on the move, good chest , deep and fairly broad, nice reach of neck, good angulation moved well.  

3rd Mockfords QQuories Dee from Snowmere ISDS RL5  

 4. Elthea Great Expectations 

5. Closheps Opti Mist 


1st – Mockfords – Quories Dee from Snowmere – 1st Nearly 9 years old tri who was 3rd in a good veteran class. Also moved really well as a border collie should. Good ear carriage, alert expression, good front assembly, nicely ribbed, croup and length of tail, nice to watch around the ring. 

2nd – Bridge’s – Kirkwind  Poppet at Kirkbridgend AW

3rd – Warren’s – Elthea Great Expectations

4. Dreamwork Instellar

Working Bitch(5)(1A)

1st Bridge’s – Kirkwind Poppet at Kirkbridgend AW

 2nd Mockford’s – Quoties Dee from Snowmere ISDS RL5 

3rd Bridge’s – Kirkbridgend Rock Star AW

4. Closheps Opti Mist

Judge. Mark Johnson