Border Collie Club

Championship Breed Show 19/11/2017

Veteran Dog  7 (2)

1ST Grant’s Sh Ch Janbell Valantino avec Coussiere  correct masculine head with good eye shape giving lovely expression.  Good angulation front and rear, moved well coming and going and excellent side gait holding a strong topline, presented in lovely condition.  Best veteran male.  BOS Vet in Show

2nd Hales Sh Ch Laceway Lone Ranger, also a lovely male shown in excellent condition.  Lovely head with alert expression and well used ears.  Good neck, balanced angles front and rear, he also moved out well, with a good topline.

 Both of these males very worthy show champions.

3. Beesting the Dalesman

4. Quories Sweep from Snowmere 

5. Bilyara River Ranch

Vintage Dog  1.

1st  Chance’s Goytre Chance to Dream, in excellent condition for his 12 years.  Strongly made male,  masculine head, lovely shoulder and upper arm, straight front. Moved well, still has strong side gait and he really enjoyed his day out.

Minor Puppy Dog 9 (2)

1. Arrodare Let it Be 1st Ratcliffe/Green  Arrodare Let it Be  extremely promising 8 month old. Excellent head, straight front, correct neck and front angulation good rear.  Moved well coming and going, and has a very good breed typical sidegait, holding his topline well.

2nd Johnson’s Tonkory Talking Point at Tidespring  7.5 months very similar in type to first but out of a smaller mould.  Lovely head and expression, correct body shape good tailset and croup, clean coming and going and very fluid side gait.  I just hope he grows on a bit more.

3. Darkside of the Moon at Caleykiz 

4. Karingal Bugsy Malone 5. Karingal Boy oh Boy

Puppy Dog (6)  

1st  Johnsons Tonkory Talking Point at Tidespring

2nd Cox’s Foxbarton Royal Prince Lovely head and expression with well used ears.  Good length of neck, correct length to height ratio, sound on the move

3. Jupavia Future Promise AI

4. Meisterwerk Reef

Junior Dog  4

1st Kinton/Davis Kinaway All is Said and Done for Jacamalis JW  13 months and in his ‘underwear’ today, his good structure apparent.  Masculine head, straight front, moved out very soundly in all directions. 

2nd Pashley’s Caleykiz Wild is the Wind.  Good head, excellent neck and shoulders. Moved well. 

3. Bramblesaz Winter Revo

4. Closheps Blue Mist

Yearling Dog  5

1st Lucas’s Aculsia Rythem is a Mystery -  I really liked this raw blue/wh youngster,well balanced with excellent breed type.  Correct head, excellent neck, shoulders and upper arm, strong backline, well angulated rear,  powerful sidegait.  Moved a little close behind today.  I think he will mature into a really class male, he has so many virtues, good luck with him. 

2nd Shahmatova’s Nashdom Putting on the Ritz – a stronger made male, good head and expression, balanced angles at both ends, moved out well in all directions.

3. Alpana Smokin Style

4. Bekkis Zeus 

5. Closheps Blue Mist

Novice Dog  4

1st Johnsons Tonkory Talking Point at Tidespring  

2nd Birbecks Closheps Blue Mist, smaller type tri colour.  Good head and eye giving lovely expression, well constructed and moved well when settled.  He would benefit from more show ring training

3. God of Thunder

Graduate Dog 2 (1)

1st Walters Goytre Hiding my Heart,  although alone today, I liked this boy a lot, well constructed with a very good head, with correct eye, giving a lovely expression, straight front and moved out well

Post Graduate Dog 4

1st Chance’s Goytre Chance in a Million well constructed boy with lovely head and expression, moved out well when settled, very nicely presented and handled.

2nd  Carter’s Cartezz it’s about that Time masculine head, ears a bit heavy, nicely constructed and moved out soundly  

3. Bekkis Zeus

4. God of Thunder

Mid Limit Dog  (4) 2

2 nice quality males

1st Schofields Rogansrock Beautiful Dream quality male, well handled to get the best out of him. Masculine head, good neck shoulders, correct topline both standing moving. Good croup and tail, moved out well in all directions. 

2nd  Mills/Entwhistle  - Beesting Mesemba, lovely breed type, good head and eye giving lovely expression, well constructed,  today a bit of a wriggle making him harder to assess.  Moved out well.

 Limit Dog ( 10)2

1st  Amblers Caleykiz Time to Boogie a quality male, Good head and kind expression, correct front angulation, good topline great croup and tailset.  Moved very soundly and fluently in all directions.

2nd Wilkinsons Altricia What About That  a tri boy with excellent breed type, lovely head and expression, straight front, good neck, shoulders and upper arm, strong topline excellent sidegait.

3. Caleykiz Thunderstruck 

4. Tonkory I'm All Right Jack 

5. Thwaitlake All Fired Up JW

Open Dog 11

A high quality class, a pleasure to judge, I would have been happy to award CC’s to all these placed males, interestingly all related, 4 being sons of, and one a grandson of Sh Ch Sashdan Smokin Joe, a credit to him.

1st Ratcliffe’s Arrodare Hear Me Roar, excellent breed type, correct head and eye, good neck shoulders and upper arm placement, straight front.  Correct height to length proportions, very good croup and long tail, strong hocks. Clean coming and going, and moved out well, showing very breed typical fluent sidegait, keeping a strong backline.  An impressive dog to go over and I could find nothing to beat him today.  My CC winner and good luck in gaining his crown.

2nd Smith’s Sh Ch Arrodare It’s Now or Never JW well constructed and very alert, he really moved out well in all directions and was very much at one with his handler.  Correct in all departments and a worthy champion.

3. Sh.Ch.Caleykiz Smoke on the Water 

4. Sh.Ch.Caleykiz I'm a Firestarter 

5. Sh.Ch. Chastanse Sweet William

Working Dog  1

1st Mockfords Quories Sweep from Snowmere (ISDS) RL6  a well constructed, fit and active boy who moved out powerfully and soundly in all directions. Good breed type.  Not heavy coated but what he had was of good texture, shown and handled well 

Members Open Dog  (3) 1

1st  Mills  Kinaway the Prophet (ai)  I really liked this choc/wh male, lovely head and expression, good eye, well constructed which showed in his excellent sidegait. 

2nd Tiller’s Foxbarton Kings Knight masculine head with alert expression, good bone, well constructed, moved out soundly in all directions.

Good Citizens Dog

1. Quories Sweep from Snowmere

Heather Turner (Judge)

DCC. Arrodare Hear Me Roar    RDCC. Sh.Ch.Arrodare It's Now or Never      BPD. Arrodare Let it Be

Bitch results

A good entry of 146 Border Collies awaited co-judge Heather Turner, judging dogs, and myself.  Terry Colwell was the Best in Show judge who also decide Best Puppy and Best Veteran. Best in Show was the bitch Sh.Ch. Goytre Daddy's Saucie Girl JW with the reserve CC winning bitch Fayken I am Love JW taking Reserve Best in Show.  Best Puppy was the dog Arrodare Let It Be.  Best Veteran was the Vintage Bitch Bordertime Andante at Hysteps – almost 11 years old and she had topped a great Vintage class, making the final cut in the challenge.  I was amazed to find that she doesn’t carry a title as she is a lovely quality Border Collie and a wonderful mover. In the bitch entry I found plenty of quality and the challenge and line up was a delight, culminating in the Best in Show winner and two Fayken litter sisters, both of whom should make their titles.  The same applies to my Best Puppy bitch Tonkory Some Have It JW.

Veteran Bitch (7, 0)

1. Fawcett’s Sh.Ch. Laceway Wiggly Giggly 9 years, lovely quality of excellent proportions with beautiful head and eye.  Correct bone.  Very good movement and carriage.

2. Haak/Den Dekker’s From Borders Home Vijeke Vjekova lovely size and proportions and very typical all throughout.  I’d prefer just a little more bone.  Very feminine in head.  I preferred the eye of the winner.

3. Bloomfield Goytre The Next Chapter of Olistazia

Vintage Bitch (7, 0) Remarkable class – a credit to the breed.

1. Austin’s Bordertime Andante at Hysteps 11 years old, beautiful bitch and on the move, she is all a Border Collie should be in carriage and action.  Lovely size and proportions.

2. Geering’s Sh.Ch. Beltane Ice Web 10 years in beautiful condition, just a touch bigger than the winner.  Beautiful eyes and expression.  Pressed hard – still retains all her qualities.

3. Smit’s From Borders Home Collectors Item

Minor Puppy Bitch (5, 1)

1. Fawcett’s Janbell Out of the Blue 7 months blue merle of beautiful colour and proportions.  Her head needs time to develop and nose pigment to fill in but scored in topline and proportions to win this.

2. Turner’s Littlethorn Aero 7 months, better in head than the winner but at the moment a little long for balance and can settle in topline.  A good mover.  Athletic and with good carriage.  Should come on well.

3. Williams/Lawrence’s Champarla Heavens to Betsy

Puppy Bitch (6, 1)

1. Gregory’s Tonkory Some Have It JW 11 months beautiful puppy stood out here, correct proportions, movement and carriage topped by a lovely head and eye.  Correct in coat, topline and flow over the croup.  Full of quality.

2. Haak/Den Dekker’s Bordersplace Queen Lucky Lady 10 months, standard size, correct proportions, coat and carries herself well.  Good head.  I preferred eyes and movement of the winner.  A lot of type.

3. Mead-Peacock Somniatis Harlee Quinn

Junior Bitch (10, 0) Disappointing class

1. Birchall’s Mojuca Prefect Bliss 13 months lovely type and the best movement and carriage of the class.  I’d prefer a darker eye but apart from that everything to like.

2. Kinton’s Kinaway I have a Dream JW 13 months very good type and proportions, good head and better eye than the winner but bunching herself up in topline and quarters on the day.

3. Austin’s Hysteps Made to Measure

Yearling Bitch (11, 3)

1. Entwistle’s Rogansrock Dream Maker at Beesting 21 months, full of breed type.  Flowing lines and quality all through.  Scored in neck and stride here.

2. Green’s Fayken the Devil in Me JW 19 months slightly different type being a little shorter on the leg but I liked her a lot for her beautiful head, eye and carriage on the move.  Not quite the front stride of the winner.

3. Gregory’s Tonkory Putting on the Style

Novice Bitch (5, 2)

1. Birchall’s Mojuca Prefect Bliss see Junior

2. Greening’s Kanamaren Hold on My Heart 15 months standard size and good proportions and head.  Appeals in head and eye.  Stands on good legs and feet and goes soundly.  Can settle in tail carriage.  Won this place on rear action.

3. Johnson’s Tonkory Run Around Sue

Graduate Bitch (8, 3)

1. Wilkinson’s Altricia Only Love 3 years lovely size and type with beautiful head and eye.  Scored in neck and shoulder to win this.  Goes accurately but could just extend a little more considering her construction.  Lovely quality.

2. Austin’s Hysteps Made to Measure 13 months 3rd in Junior – I liked her a lot for type and ultrasound with good stride.  She is a little angular in her lines at the moment and looks a teenager but she should finish well.

3. Ambler’s Caleykiz Faith in Black with Jaztech

Post Graduate Bitch (10, 0)

1. Smith’s Fayken Striptease JW 19 months blue, prick ears – a standout here.  Lovely quality throughout and in prime condition.  Excellent flowing lines to outline and very good movement and carriage.  Top quality.

 2. Preston’s Wizaland Soothe My Soul 3 years doesn’t help herself much but she has lovely type and proportions and a vey good head.  If she relaxed a little more she would look even better.  I liked her a lot.

3. Griffiths’ Janbell Zafrina

Mid Limit Bitch (4, 0)

1. Hartfield’s Moshanta Movin On JW ShCM 2 years, unexaggerated, quality bitch who moves correctly with good carriage.  I’d prefer her a little stronger in foreface but she scored in pasterns, feet and front action here.

2. Wiltshire’s Caleykiz Boogie On almost 3 years, I preferred her head to the winner, but a little week in pasterns and front fee which shows in her front action.  Great upper arm giving length of stride but a little over angulated in the rear.  Not in the coat of the winner but a quality bitch.

3. Walford/Large’s Wizaland Touch of Love

Limit Bitch (10, 3)

1. Green’s Fayken I Am Love JW 19 months excellent type and a very good mover.  I’d prefer just a touch more leg under her.  Excellent head, eye and ears.  Flowing outline held on the move.

2. Lucas’ Aculsia Princess of Diva 4 years all Border Collie in type and movement.  Loved her carriage on the move and scored in body proportions over.

3. Lampier’s Tonkory Mark Time AI

Open Bitch (10, 1)

1. Walters’ Sh.Ch. Goytre Daddy's Saucie Girl JW I have admired her since I judged her as a junior and so it was good to see her in the breed here and I found nothing to change my opinion that she is a top-class Border Collie who is a great mover and carries herself well.  Feminine head with correct bone and shown in top form.

2. Follwell’s Moshanta Must be Love at Janquillow 6 years, if I say old fashioned I mean it as a compliment.  Not flashy in any way but wonderful to watch her on the move and with a lovely head and eyes.  She may be a touch long for my idea of perfect balance but a lovely bitch.

3. Wiltshire’s Caleykiz Make Mya Aphrodite

Working Bitch (4, 0)

1. Hartfield’s Moshanta Movin On JW ShCM see Mid Limit

2. McDevitt’s Closheps Opti Mist 5 years small bitch of very good type – and moves well when she settles. Prick eared black/white, well angulated with correct bone.  Quality head and eye.

 3. Tiller’s Foxbarton Lady in Waiting JW

Members Open Bitch (7, 1)

1. Kinton’s Kinaway Memories JW 4 years, workmanlike, sound and a lot of type.  I’d prefer a little more neck but scored in balance and topline here.

2. Hartfield’s Laceway Etched in Gold JW 3 years clean lined bitch a little too severe over the croup and this shows in her tail carriage.

3. Turns’ Fyglia Mel Titania

Good Citizens (8, 0)

1. Hartfield’s Moshanta Movin On JW ShCM see Mid Limit

2. Austin’s Hysteps Made to Measure see Graduate

3. Turns’ Fyglia Mel Titania

Frank Kane. (Hirontower)

Best in Show

 Sh.Ch. Goytre Daddy's Saucie Girl JW. This was the overall make and shape that I was looking for, with true movement coming and going. Lovely pushy hocks and effortless side gait. Presentation and handling was first class.  I was proud to award B I S

Reserve Best in Show

Fayken I am Love JW, At 19 months she is very good, she excels in head, and eye, beautiful outline held on the move. She reminds me of her mother! Just what I expect from this kennel

Best Opposite sex

Arrodare Hear Me Roar . A very lovely masculine dog full of quality, mover and showed very well, hard to beat the girls today

Best Puppy in Show

Arrodare Let It Be. Just 8 month’s old this beautiful puppy stood out here, correct proportions, movement and carriage topped by a lovely head and eye. Lovey top line standing and held on the move

Best Opposite Sex Puppy in Show

Tonkory Some Have It JW 11 months beautiful puppy, correct proportions, movement and carriage lovely head and eye  Full of quality.

 Best Veteran/Vintage in Show

Bordertime Andante at Hysteps 11 year’s old, beautiful bitch balanced in profile and excellent of the move, her movement was as a 5 year old this was her day  how she is not a Champion I don’t know,

Best Opposite Sex Veteran/Vintage in Show

Sh.Ch.Janbell Valentino Avec Coussiere JW 7 year old masculine dog good front and rear movement, a worthy champion very well handled

Terry Colwell  B.I.S Judge