Border Collie Club

Championship Breed show results 18/11/2018 Bitches

 Judge Karen Angier 

Thank you to the committee for inviting me to judge Bitches at your well-run show, and to my hard-working stewards who kept things running so well and ensured that no one missed a class, was a pleasure. Thanks also to all that entered for your sportsmanship in accepting my decision’s and your entries.   Was so pleased to see the Bitch take Best in Show and the Puppy Bitch – Best Puppy in Show under Best in Show judge – Iain Lewis, with the Best Dog taking reserve Best in Show – Judge by Richard Kinsey. Thank you for company.

 Veteran Bitch  6 -1 absent

1.Collier – Moshanta Midnight Star over Collherd Lovely expression. Oval well placed eyes, ears well placed and used Well-muscled and in great condition. Neat feet, straight front. Good top line which she maintained on the move. Nice croup and good tail set.  BOSVIS

2. – Mead-Peacock – Bazentills Catch A Star Pretty girl with a lovely expression, not as sure on the move as 1st. Neat feet, good tail set.  

3. Elthea Great Expectations

4. Wizaland I Am Lola Rose

5. Threjays Menna  

Vintage Bitch  3 - 1

1.Pepper -Starside Special Song for Pedmore Carrying a little more weight then I would like but in very good condition. Teeth excellent for age. Well used ears and lively expression. Neat feet. Steady mover out and back and nice side gait. Good top line which she still maintains on the move

2. Wizaland I’m Simply Divine at Halladown Lovely expression well placed and used ears. Nice shape little wide in front. Not as positive on the move, good top line.   

Minor Puppy Bitch 6 - 1

1.  Lee/Ratcliffe - Arrodare Royal Flush + Best Puppy Bitch Blue and white girl with a lovely balanced head, good shaped oval eyes alert expression. Well place ears which she used to her advantage. Good front, top line for age. Nice shape. Good tail set. Neat feet.  Moved well showing promise for the future.  BPB BPIS

2.  Spurr - Dreamwork Collat’ral Beauty Lovely Red Merle who is very pretty lovely expression, oval eyes, well place ears. Lovely length of neck. Good croup and tail set. Straight front. Nice stifle. Top line not as good as 1st on the move, but OK standing.

3. Eyes of the World Rising Bright Spark

4. Foxbarton Noble Lady

5. From Borders Home Xochiquetzal  

Puppy Bitch  6 - 3

1. Tiller-Foxbarton Noble Lady Very pretty Sable girl with good pigmentation, oval eyes well placed and used ears. Straight front and good feet. Good neck and nice body shape. Good top line and croup, enough stifle. Settled into her steady movement. Well presented. Very confident for 6 months.

2. Birchall - Mojuca Queen of Diamonds 2nd and 3rd litter sisters with little to separate them – sweet expression enough neck, neat feet, tail set and top line little better then sisters at this stage, and little more settled on the move.

3. Mojuca Solitaire Diamond  

Junior Bitch  8 - 4

1. Allison - Zeabo Yankie Girl 13-month Blue Merle with good pigmentation, correct bite. Well used ears which added to her alert expression. Good length of neck and adequate angulations. Good top line held on the move. Which was smooth and easy. Good proportions. Well handled 

2. Foxbarton Noble Lady

3. From Borders Home Uniq In Every Way

4. Defying Gravity  

Yearling Bitch 7 - 4

1. Gregory - Tonkory Some Have It. J.W. Alert and attentive, lovely expression. Dark oval eyes well placed. Good bite. Well used and placed ears. Good length of neck, well laid shoulders, well ribbed, level top line, good rear, croup and tail set, nice stifle. Steady on the move could be slightly better out and back 

2. Mead-Peacock -Somniatis Harlee Quinn Lovely oval dark eyes and well used and placed ears, nice expression, adequate angulation nice shape. Not as steady on the move as 1st. 

3. Wizaland Solitaire  

Novice Bitch   3 - 0

1. Zeabo Yankie Girl

2. – McDevitt - Closheps Rio Mist Bright and alert lovely oval eyes, well placed and used ears, well-muscled and in lovey condition. Well set tail Neat shape. Moved better when change of handler, energetic girl.

3. Defying Gravity  

Graduate Bitch 6 - 2

1. Horne/Carter - Kinaway Chocolate Delight Red and white attractive girl who has a lovely profile, lovely expression oval eyes, well placed ears. Nice neck. Straight front. Good top line which she held on the move. Good croup. Well set tail. Moved well with enough reach and drive. Well handled 

2. Atkin -Story Rex Miss Bewitched by Arrodare Tri girl who has a pretty expression good shape eyes and well-placed ears. Nice neck and in firm condition. Good top line and good stifle. Well-muscled. Steady on the move but would like more reach and drive. 

3. Altricia Only Love

4. Mojuca Perfect Bliss  

 Post Graduate Bitch  4 - 0

1. Grant - Coussiere Dancing Queen Balanced girl of good proportions. Pretty head with dark oval eyes, good use of well-placed ears. Lovely reach of neck leading into a well-balanced body. Firm top line held on the move and correctly carried tail, good croup. Nice stifle Good feet and angles. Moved with reach and drive

2. Lunae - Caleykiz Back to Black Lovely shape and condition, good depth of chest. Nice length of neck. Good top line, length of tail which was well set. Dark oval eyes, well used and placed ears. When settled showed she could move well unfortunately didn’t like the floor.

3. Closheps Riomist

4. Altricia Lady Midnight For Pedmore  

Mid Limit Bitch 7 - 0

1. Gregory - Tonkory Putting on the Style Excellent head with lovely eye and expression, alert and attentive. Well used ears Straight front neat feet. Good body outline, tail set, and croup. Would like a little more stifle. Top line held on the move. Moved with reach and drive

2. Fawcett - Laceway Enchanted Voices Well balanced with good shape eyes, well placed and used ears nice expression. Enough neck. Well-proportioned body. Nice side gait.

3. Altricia Especially For Us

4. Caristan Chocolate Liquor

5. Kinaway I Had A Dream  

Limit Bitch 6 - 2

1. Smith/Green - Fayken Striptease JW Alert attentive Blue and white with well placed prick ears, oval eyes. Would like a little more length of muzzle. Lovely shape. Nice length of neck. Good croup, top line and stifle. Moved steady. Neat feet and straight front. Moved steady. Well-muscled. 

2. Large- Wizaland Soothe My Soul Balanced head with lovely expressive eyes, well used ears. Neat feet, enough depth of chest. Good top line and croup. Well made. Moved well

3. Miraje It’s Too Darn Hot at Pikara

4. Caleykiz Back To Black

5. Wizaland Touch Of Love  

Open Bitch  9 - 0

1. – Green -Sh Ch Fayken I am Love JW – C.C Smaller girl who is balanced throughout with a lovely head, oval expressive eyes, good skull and muzzle, well used and placed ears. Good angulation front and rear. Enough bone for her size. Good feet, croup and tail set which is of correct length. Good ribs and loin. In lovely condition. Her movement won it for me today with reach and drive, tireless and free.

2. Schevenels/Decree - Eyes of The World Noya Amarillo Starlight – R.C.C Lovely expression oval eyes, well placed and used ears, pretty head. Good reach of neck and well-constructed.  Good straight front neat feet. Strong top line held on the move. Well-muscled. Moved with reach and drive and good side gait. Not in full coat. 

3. Fine Romance From Lunae Border

4. Laceway Echo Falls JW

5. Tonkory I Can’t Wait For Taranza  

Special Working Bitch 2 - 0

1. Zolakova/Lascic - Hats Off of Bordertreoke JW (imp Ser) Pretty Blue Merle with lovely expression, oval expressive eyes, well placed and used ears, good bite. Good length of neck, leading into a shapely body. Straight front good top line croup and tail set. Well-muscled

2. Moran - Altricia Lace in Love Alert happy girl with lovely expression. Made good use of her well-placed ears. Straight front, good feet. Well-muscled and in good condition.     

 Special Members Open Bitch 5 - 1

1. Tillers - Lesnuages Persephone By Foxbarton Sable girl and another that is well presented and trained from this exhibitor. Lovely expression balanced head, good pigmentation, oval eyes well used and placed ears alert and attentive. Well-muscled. Nice neck and angulation. Enough bone neat feet. Very steady on the move. Good tail set. Well presented 

2. Moshanta Midnight Star Over Collherd

3. Kinaway Memories

4. Altricia Lady Midnight For Pedmore  

Good Citizens Bitch 7 - 0

1. Snook/James - Tonkory Quickstep with Pitcomber JW (AI) Lovely head with dark oval eyes well placed and used ears. Of Good proportions all round, good straight front, neat feet. Level top line which she maintained on the move. Good tail set and croup. Moved well coming and going, with a good side gait. 

2. Lesnuages Persephone by Foxbarton

3. Tonkory Jumping For Joy Over Collherd

4. Elthea Great Expectations

5. Foxbarton Noble Lady  

Champion Bitch 3 - 0

1. Grant - Sh Ch Coussiere The Showgirl Lovely girl with oval expressive eyes, well placed and used ears. Good length of neck Lovely profile. Good top line held on the move, good croup and tail set. Alert and attentive. Moved easy and smooth l

2. Green -  Sh Ch Fayken Indecent Proposal Lovely expression Oval eyes, well used ears. Balance though out. Good front. Carrying a little to much weight for me at the moment. Moved well. Another worthy Champion 

3. NL.Lux.&Int Sh.Ch.Royal High Rock Money Can’t Buy From Borders Home

Judge Karen Angier (Bilyara)