Border Collie Club

Championship Breed show results 18/11/2018

Dogs - Judge: Richard Kinsey. 

First of all I would like to thank the committee for the kind invitation to judge the dogs at their Championship  Show. I think it is an honour to be asked to judge at a club show when it is your own breed but even more so when it is someone else’s. Coats in general were in good order with some in between but this did not distract from their build so it was not a problem for as coats come and go but construction is permanent and I found quite a few with short upper arms and lacking in body toning which in turn affected their movement. These are working dogs and as such should be well toned in body not just groomed to look pretty. Temperaments as ever were spot on as to be expected.

Veteran Dog

1. Hales’ SH.CH. Laceway Lone Ranger Upstanding 8 ½ year old and easy to see why he has his title. Scores well in head with correct dentition and dark oval eyes. Ears set well apart and used to his benefit when alert. Well ribbed up and firm in topline thanks to his well toned body. Well angulated front and rear. Moved round with typical gait. Presented to the minute in jacket. BVIS  

2.  Stacey’s Bilyara Orapa Judged this boy 6 years ago and gave him RCC and pleased to see he is just as good today in terms of his movement and presentation. Clean head plains with well set ears and strong jaws. Good length of neck into well placed shoulders and straight front supported by tight feet. Ample spring of rib and depth of chest. Holds his shape at all times. Not quite as clean coming to as winner today. As always handled to get the best from him. 

3. Goytre Smokin Gun

4. Wildblue It’s the Business ShCM 

5. Nashdom Unpredictable

Vintage Dog 

No Entries

Minor Puppy Dog

1. Ashman’s Bordadale Blue Marvel 7 month old blue. Headed the class of two raw boys by being the steadier and cleaner on the move today. Good head shape which needs to break and fill with time. Moderate angulation front and rear giving him a balanced look. Enough in ribbing for his age and when it fully springs it should straighten his front a bit more as today he tends to be a bit 10-2 when static. Needs time and work to strengthen through

2. Price’s Foxbarton Wayward Prince 6 month old sable. Another that needs time to build in body and toning. Proportionate in head to body, full dentition and well set ears he used when alerted. Moderate shoulder placement with straight front and good feet. Would have like a bit better rib shape at this age. Topline a tad soft when static but improves on the move where he is sound and true. Shown in good jacket. 

Puppy Dog 

1. Austin’s  Miraje Frozen Again for Hysteps 10 month old black / white. Good head to handle clean lines and strong jaws. Good length of neck into well placed shoulders and straight front, ample bone but would have liked a bit more length of leg to be picky. Well let down in chest and sprung in rib, firm in topline and straight in back. Steady and controlled on the move. BPD

2.  Smit-Siraal, Smit & Wiltshire’s From Borders Home Whatever You Want 11 month old black / white. Better length of leg than winner but not the bone to match. Scores well in head, dark oval eyes, ears set on and used well. Clean shoulders and straight front. Tad longer cast in body which affected his topline when stood. Well presented in jacket.

3. Borderdale Blue Marvel 

4. Foxbarton Wayward Prince

Junior Dog

1. Schevenels & De Cree’s Border Follies Q Heart Of Gold 13 month old EU red. This boy needs to be gone over to see just how correct he is in terms of construction and type. Good head to handle with correct oval eyes, strong jaws, full clean dentition and ears that are set on and used to complete the picture. Excellent body toning throughout which is why he is so powerful and precise on the move coupled to his framework. If he continues in his development as he is today then his title should be forthcoming. Handled and presented to perfection. Needs a bit more time to reach his full potential. RDCC  

2. Shamatova’s Nashdom Putting On The Style 15 month old black / white. Typey and well made all round just not as controlled in front when coming to as winner but given time this should improve. Scores in head clean and proportionate with mid brown eyes and full dentition. Strong neck of good length, enough in ribbing, firm in back and level topline. Sound and steady in profile. Put down in good jacket of good texture.  

3. From Borders Home Whatever you Want 

4. Foxbarton Wayward Prince

Yearling Dog 

1. Lee’s Master Of Illusion JW 18 month old black / white. Strong head all through without being overdone in any way. Well muscled and angulated in front assembly with matching quarters. On the down side he was carrying a bit too much weight on the day which in turn hampered his movement. Shown in full bloom.

2. Cox’s Foxbarton Royal Prince 19 month old sable. Good head piece strong jaws and clean dentition. Moderate forehand assembly in terms of angulation and substance. Deep in chest, ample ribbing, firm in back and straight in topline. Steady and sound on the move.    

3. Meisterwerk Reef

Novice Dog 

1. Miraje Frozen Again for Hysteps 

2. Foxbarton Wayward Prince 

3. Foxbarton Royal Prince 

4. Lucky Lancelot of Cherrylane

Graduate Dog 

1. Kinton & Large’s Kinaway All Is Said And Done for Jacamalis JW 2 year old black / white. Strong well proportioned head dark eyes and correct well set ears. Muscular in forehand with matching quarters allowing a steady gait from all angles. Holds his topline static and on the move thanks in part to his well toned body. Handled to get the best from him. Shown in good jacket.  

2. Foxbarton Royal Prince 

3. Lucky Lancelot of Cherrylane

Post Graduate Dog

Not the strongest of classes at this level

1. Walters’ Goytre Frozen Memories 3 year old tri. This boy stood out in this class particularly on his ultra sound movement and overall presentation. Powerfully built in forehand, ample bone and tight feet. Well let down in chest and sprung in ribbing, firm in topline and muscular in quarters. Covers the ground fluently and true. My only niggle is that he is a bit too much in head for me.

2. Bridle’s Sheltysham Sparklin Idea 6 year old black / white. Correct head ratios and strength in jaw. Good length of neck into moderate forehand. Hindquarters match his front for angulation allowing a clean footfall. Unfortunately he carries too much weight and this affected his topline and profile.

 3. Littlethorn Kentucky 

 4. Cartezz It’s About That Time 

 5. Caleykiz Wild is the Wind

Mid Limit Dog

1. Kerr’s Sheltysham Son Of Swag for Borderclan JW 2 ¼ year old black / white. Typey well constructed and sound on the move from any angle. Good head to handle, mid eye shade, ears set on and used well. Very good toning in forehand and quarters. Deep in chest, firm in back and level in topline. Put down in very good jacket and handled well

2. Gregory’s Locheil Raise Your Glass to Tonkory  2 ¾ year old black / white. Another good type that again is sound and fluent on the move at all times. Good head to handle but to be picky I would have liked a bit more width in muzzle to finish him. Very good angulation all through allowing the movement above. Presented to perfection in coat and body. Handled to show off his virtues  

3. Caleykiz Wild is the Wind

Limit Dog 

1. Large’s  Wizaland Northern Soul JW 4 year old black / white. Up to size and well proportioned all through. Scores well in head strong yet in no way overdone, mid eye shade correct dentition and stop. Well muscled in front assembly, ample bone, and straight front with compact feet. Enough depth of chest and shape of rib. Strides out and back cleanly and soundly. Well presented

2. 2 Walters’ Goytre Hiding My Heart 3 year old black / white. Close up to winner in terms of build and outline. Correct head ratios and plains, ears set well apart and used to his benefit. Could be cleaner in neck and front coming to. Handled well to show his build to its potential.  

3. Tonkory I’m All Right Jack

4. Sheltysham Sparklin Idea

5. Locheil Meet Joe Black

Open Dog

Class of quality exhibits here today

1. Smith & Ratcliffe’s SH.CH. Arrodare It’s Now Or Never JW 5 year old black / white. This boy screams Border from any angle and when you go over him he doesn’t disappoint. Strong in head yet in no way overdone or coarse, dark oval eyes and strong jaw with full clean dentition. Powerfully built in forehand with corresponding hindquarters allowing the free and easy movement demonstrated here with typical minimal lift but maximum clearance. Scores points in every department making the whole package and therefore couldn’t be denied the DCC 

2. Shamatova’s Nashdom Putting On The Ritz 2 ¾ year old black / white. Close up to winner in build and outline. All male in head clean proportionate plains and dark oval eyes. Good length of neck flowing into correct front assembly with strong straight bone. Used the ring to his benefit to show off his toned body

3. Jupavia For Eyes of the World 

4. Anscott Elliott JW

5. Tonkory Like It or Lump it

Special Working Dog

1. Gardner’s Littlehorn Kentucky Better balanced in outline of the two here today. Moderate forehand assembly with matching hindquarters giving him a purposeful stride and sound movement. Very well toned all round 

2. Mockford’s  Quories Sweep From Snowmere (ISDS) RL6 Proper working dog, well toned body but for me lacks bone and substance needed to herd sheep. Good head shape but again needs more fill and strength all through. Moves with an effortless stride

Special Members Open 

1. Gregory’s Tonkory King Of The Road 5 ½ year old black / white Good for type and construction. Correct head plains with strength all through, dark oval eyes, ears well set and used to his advantage. Muscular in front assembly straight well boned limbs and tight feet. Comes into his own on the move where he is precise and as sound as a pound at all times. Put down in good jacket 

2. Tiller’s Foxbarton Kings Knight 5 year old sable. Well constructed under his muscular body allowing a steady and clean footfall from any angle. For me I would like a bit more of him all round to complete the picture. 

Good Citizens Dog 

1. Gardner’s Littlehorn Kentucky 3 ½ year old tri. Smaller set than some but balanced and sound on the move at all times. Well turned out in muscle and jacket.    

2. Foxbarton Kings Knight 

3. Meisterwerk Reef

4. Foxbarton Royal Prince 

5. Quories Sweep from Snowmere

Champion Dog 

1. Green’s SH.CH. Fayken I Am Legend JW 7 ¼ year old black / white. Judged this boy 4 years ago and like fine wine he gets better with age and today he was on top form showing off his build and body toning to its maximum to head this class of quality males. Completely balanced from head to tail and all between. All male in head, clean lines and strength throughout. Good length of neck into well placed shoulders and straight front. Well let down in chest and sprung in ribbing. Covers the ground with typical minimal lift. Put down to the minute in jacket.

2. Large’s SH.CH. Wizaland Songs From The Wood Sh.CM 5 year old black / white. Another typey boy that never put a foot wrong and covers the ground with the same precision as winner expending no wasted energy in the process. Well built under his excellent toned body and finished with clean dense jacket. Handled well to show off his many attributes

3. Sh.Ch. Laceway Photo Finish