Obedience entry form

It is now possible to enter our shows online. Online entries close midnight  11th March 2019

Pre-Beg.   Beg. Novice. Class A. Class B

Please read the instructions carefully and then complete your form. Payment is through PayPal.  

Once your payment has been received, your entry will be forwarded to the secretary.

You can enter a maximum of three dogs on one form.

Please submit a separate form for more than three dogs, or for different owners

There is a £1 admin fee to cover PayPal fees per form ( Up to 3 dogs entered)

 Once you have completed and checked your form, please add up the total amount due (and make a note of it if necessary. You can also print the form for your records if you wish) and then click Submit,  Your form will be submitted, and you will be taken to a page where you may pay or return to the entry form page to make another entry, when you have completed your entries click the 'Pay Now' PayPal button on the 'success' page to pay for your entry.

You will need to enter the amount you need to pay into the  box on the PayPal page manually. Alternatively you can log into your own PayPal account and make a direct payment to woebcc@gmail.com if you prefer. If the entry you are paying for is not in the same name as the PayPal account please put the name of the entry it is for into the instructions to seller section on PayPal. We have no way of connecting the payment to the entry if this is not done.

When your entry has submitted correctly you will receive a confirmation email. Your entry will be forwarded to the secretary as soon as payment has been confirmed. If your entry fee is not confirmed within 24 hours of receiving your entry, we will email you to try again.

If you have a problem with your online entry please contact me - Webmistress - via woebcc@gmail.com or TEXT 07588 02 03 40, not our club secretary as she does not deal with the website or online entries. Thank you.

 A copy of the kennel club declaration can be viewed here. ( opens new window)

Classes Obedience  (please put full name of class. )  
1.    Pre-Beginner  Dog/Bitch     Andrea Sykes  
2.    Beginner        Dog/Bitch    Andrea Sykes    
3.    Novice           Dog/Bitch   Richard Moss
4.    Class 'A'         Dog/Bitch    Sue James 
5.    Class 'B'         Dog/Bitch    Sue James

Chief Obedience Steward.   Sue Reed
Chief Stay Steward.  
Schedule available here ( opens new window)
Entry Fees Obedience
£3.75 per dog per class.
£1.00 per dog NFC 
Catalogue £2.50  
Membership  £7.00 Single membership,
£8.00 Joint membership,
£2.50 Junior membership,
£10 family membership

* Required