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It is with regret that the October 2021 Limit Obedience and Open Rally Show will not be going ahead. Due to Covid-19 issues, a member of the Committee breaking a leg, and various other issues, we are cancelling this event. The health & safety of our exhibitors and members is our upmost priority and we will be re-scheduling the event soon. In the meanwhile take care and any new dates will be put on our FB page or the West of England Website. I

West of England Border Collie Club AGM Saturday 22.5.21

   President’s Report

Well “WHAT A YEAR” No dog shows or events and I certainly realise how much I miss my friends in dogs.  I really look forward to socializing with them again soon.

Things have changed in the world and in the Kennel Club and now the West of England BCC are changing their venue and trying out an exciting purpose built venue.

The committee is also changing and the dynamic duo Marg and Val are standing down to take a well earned rest, they have worked really hard for the last few years and have provided a very stable core for the committee and the club as a whole.

 So onwards and upwards in this time of uncertainty. I have every faith that the club will continue to flourish.

Judith Gregory

Chairman’s Report

Well what can I say, owing to the Covid 19 Pandemic there was very few shows, 4 champ shows and a few open shows, then came lockdown on March 23rd. 

Fourteen months on we are now looking forward to the shows starting up again in June. As the shows start up again I have decided that the time has come for me to retire as chairperson and make way for the younger generation to take the club into the future.  I have enjoyed my time as chairman of the West of England BCC and hope my successor does the same.

It only remains for me to thank past and present committees and officers I have worked with and to wish future ones good luck, I would also like to wish all our members good luck in whatever discipline they compete in Good luck to all

Val Davis

Val handed over the chair to Ann Lampier who has been duly elected to Chairman

Secretary’s Report

Such a strange year with nothing really to report.

No-one could have visualised at Crufts 2020 that we would not meet again for over a year. So much sadness, but hopefully the future is beginning to appear brighter.

I wish you all good luck in all that you do (whatever discipline) and stay safe.

Marg Garland


West of England Dog of the year.

Due to the lack of shows this year, Val will not be collecting the normal points for West of England Dog of the year.

Any points collected from any shows earlier this year, should be saved, and can be rolled over and added to points collected next year, when hopefully shows will be more back to normal.

Message from the Kennel Club

We are emailing to ask if your club would like to help The Kennel Club with a campaign to promote the importance of buying a pedigree dog. As many of you will have experienced first-hand, during these times the demand for dogs and puppies is unprecedented and The Kennel Club is working hard to try and promote the benefits of owning a pedigree dog and of course the correct ways of buying a dog.

   We are looking for dog owners to submit short video clips of their dog which celebrate and capture their ‘pedigree personality’ and character.  

 From a Greyhound snuggling on the sofa or a Maltese checking out its reflection in a mirror, to a Chihuahua running around in the garden or a Border Collie jumping a hay bale – the main thing The Kennel Club wants to see in the video is your dog’s individual character.  

Email your clips to thekennelclubuk@cowshedsocial.com The deadline to submit your videos is Sunday 18 October at 21:00. To be involved and for more information, visit The Kennel Club’s Facebook page. Kind regards, The Kennel Club


DON’T FORGET that you can still redeem your gift certificates won at shows sponsored by Royal Canin by contacting their Area Business Managers. All 2020 expiry dates will be honoured until 31/12/20.

To find out who the Business Manager is for your area, click here: https://bit.ly/3b6yjOr


Letter below from Royal Canin.

Dear Secretary
We at Royal Canin are reaching out to you as we sponsored your show in the last twelve months.
With the ongoing Covid-19 crisis we are trying to help your winners redeem their prizes. Normally this would be done on our stand at the championship shows. As most shows are now cancelled until the end of October, we have altered the system to allow winners to claim their prizes via our Area Business managers.
To this end, we would be grateful if you could share the wording below on your club’s social media page or through your club website to try and make sure everyone who has a prize has a good chance of redeeming it in a timely fashion.
“Don't forget that you can still redeem your gift certificates won at shows sponsored by Royal Canin by contacting their Area Business Manager. To find out who the Business Manager is for your area, click here: https://bit.ly/3b6yjOr
We hope this goes some way to showing our support of shows and events and look forward to supporting you in the future.
In the meantime please stay safe


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