Border Collie Club

Limited Obedience Show 7th April 2018

Pre Beginners 

1. Corneroak Golden Classic 

2. Ambleopia Leo

3. Magical Mitzimoo

4. Come a Long Way Jay

5. Amberslade Delavays Silver 

6. Our Sky Full Of Stars


1. Silver Merry Maker 

2. Tonkory Quick Off the Mark 

3. Just Jacko 

4. Cameley cloudberry

5. Zatasha White Tip Meg 

6. Ruby’s Blue Saint

Novice part 1

1. Zatasha White Tip Meg 

2. Just Ozzie

3. Spanjac Wizzy Woo

4. Duckshills Thistledown Dance Of Emmi over Twybrook 

5. Hilsgolden Dorset Pink Lady 

 6. Chilli Peppa at Willowyarde

Novice part 2

Thanks to Marg and her team for invite to judge The weather held up for us we had a lovely meal. Thanks to Richard who did a sterling job stewarding for me his first time.

1st place went to Vakeranli onyx  G.S.D LOST 2 1/2        HOL 1 HF1 1/4 RET 1/4 REC C

Chaze worked his socks off for you today sure you had him glued to your leg

2nd  aro  Croxley Formal Affair B.C lost 2 3/4        H.O.L 1/2 HF1/2 RET 1/2 REC 3/4

 Fraye and Ian what a lovely happy team  she worked so well for you today

3rd  aro  Kinaway  Miss Congeniality  BC   lost 2 3/4        HOL 3/4  HF1 1/2 RET1/2 REC  C

Connie worked well lovely attention, sadly fumbled her retrieve in run off.  

4th aro  Truebrook Mason  GSD      lost2 3/4             HOL 1 1/4  HF 1  RET  C  REC1/2

Mason worked well just on off leg a little anticipated recall in run off

5th Tonkery Quick of the mark    BC  lost 3         HOL  1    HF   1 1/4   RET 1/2   REC  1/4 

6th   Delightful Devon   Lab  lost4               H0L 2  HF 1 1/2   RET C    REC  1/2  

Devon delightful in name and in his work little lapse in attention lovely dog

Thank you to all competitors for not keeping us waiting

                             Val Long

Class: A & B Judge: Sarah Geake

Class A  

Thanks for the invitation to judge and for looking after us so well, we had a lovely day. Thanks also to Bobbie for giving up her day and being such a good steward.  

1st B Colledge and Chloe Lost 4 – Barbara and Chloe worked a lovely round, leaving nothing much to mark. I’m sure you’ll have a good year together getting off to such a good start.  

2nd J Bloomfield and Flair – Lost 5 ¼ - Flair worked a really good round, and I can’t see her staying in A long. Well done.  

3rd C King and Whizz – Lost 11 ¼ - Whizz worked well today, just losing points for enjoying himself too much at times! Good to see how much he loves his work.  

4th J Saker and Xante – Lost 13 ¾ - Xante was reluctant to sit today, but otherwise worked a nice positive round. Well done.

 5th Mrs Hawkes and Beau – Lost 15 – Started with a really good recall and some nice heelwork, just had to add a few extra commands in today during exercises which added up.  

6th W Allison - Lost 17 – Just a few extra commands needed throughout the exercises today but showed some really good heelwork.    

Class B  

1st M Siddall and Little Miss Spottletoes – Lost 12 ¼ - A good performance today and didn’t even let another dog running into the ring during the heelwork put her off! Well done.  

2nd B Colledge and Chloe – Lost 15 ¾ - Another good round from Barbara and Chloe, with really accurate heelwork and a lovely scent.  

3rd C King and Whizz – Lost 28 ½ - Whizz had a moment in sendaway today, which was a shame as the rest of the round he did well. Well done.  

4th J Mayo and Izzy – Lost 42 ¾ - Izzy did really well today, and Jackie and Izzy had a fun round together. Just couldn’t quite manage the sit stay today, but finished with a good scent.