Border Collie Club

Obedience results April 2nd 2016

Novice Part 2

Judge – Kate Claxton, Steward – Babs Sharp, Scoreboard – Graham Claxton

 23 booked in, 18 did stays, 7 did training rounds

Many thanks to Margaret and the West of England Border Collie Club for their invitation to judge at this friendly, well run show on lovely ground, and thank you to Val for our delicious breakfast and lunch. 

This was my first ever Obedience show when I started out in the sport, so it was great to be given the opportunity to judge here. Babs Sharp, my steward, guided the competitors around the ring brilliantly, and my husband Graham manned the scoreboard extremely well. Thank you both. We weren’t kept waiting at all, and the sun even shone! 

I set a straightforward test with consideration to this being early on in the season, expecting a few dogs in the class to be new to Novice. Heel on lead was a large right handed circle, about turn, then a large left handed circle. Most competitors managed this well, with the most common fault being crabbing out on the RH circle. Recall was next, then heel free, which consisted of two RTs, two ATs and two LTs. Retrieve was the final exercise. The standard of the class today was very good, with several very good dogs just missing out on places. Heelwork overall was impressive, both on and off lead, but set exercises were generally a little messy, with several off-center presents on recalls, and untidy pickups/mouthing on retrieve.

My happy six were as follows:

1. WAGGERLAND FOREST RANGER (Forest) WSD HOL 1 REC C HF 1 ¼ RET ½ losing 2 ¾ Fabulous round from Clive and Forest today. Some minor losses of position, mainly due to Forest trying so hard, and a little lag on one left turn, all of which were corrected swiftly and kindly by Clive. This dog has a great working style and just oozes confidence. Handling was excellent and teamwork was evident throughout the round - handler and dog both smiled all the way round! Recall was one of the few clears of the day, smart and motivated with a lovely close present and very tidy finish. During retrieve, Clive hesitated slightly before giving his command, leading to anticipation and a fumble on pickup. Overall an excellent round well deserving of the red. Congratulations to you both and I am sure the second win won’t be far off; you are both more than ready for Class A and beyond!

2. RASCAL IN THE MIX (Spot) X-BREED HOL 1 ¼ REC C HF 1 ¼ RET ½ losing 3 Hot on the heels of the winner were Alan and Spot. Spot is a very steady worker who was handled beautifully by Alan, with well-timed commands and praise in all the right places, producing a round which could easily win on another day. Heelwork on the circles was fabulous, with very little to mark, only minor losses of position. Recall was clear, with Spot finishing beautifully. Heel free was also stunning, just a few little lags adding up. Retrieve was tidy with a good outrun, pickup and return, just an off-center present costing marks here. Well done both of you and good luck for the future; the win can’t be far away with work like this.

3. TRUBROOK MASON (Mason) GSD HOL 1 REC ¼ HF ½ RET 3 losing 4 3/4 A very smart team producing a beautiful, well-handled round. Carol and Mason flowed around the ring, demonstrating style and accuracy. Heel on lead during both circles was a classic picture of teamwork; dog and handler working as one. Recall was smart and committed, with a slightly off-center present but a perfect finish. Heel free was just as enjoyable to watch, demonstrating Mason’s ability to handle tight turns very accurately despite his size, and showing off his drive and power on the straights. Retrieve was costly when Mason dropped his dumbbell, but the situation was handled calmly and pleasantly by Carol, undoubtedly building the dog’s confidence for next time. This team will not be in Novice for long.

4. CLEYNEHUGE RIJSSEN (Troy) G RET HOL 2 ¼ REC ½ HF 1 ¾ RET ½ losing 5 I have had the pleasure of judging Pauline and Troy before. Troy is a very neat worker who enjoys his job and Pauline handles very well to get the best from him. Unfortunately, on setting out on their circle today, Troy had a sneezing fit. As he works in a beautiful tight position, several rapid sneezes caused loss of position. He drifted a little on the left hand circle initially but quickly settled into the work – it was then a shame to stop him! Recall was smart and keen, some anticipation and a slightly crooked present cost marks here. Heel free was fabulous; of the high standard I have seen him produce previously. Retrieve was good, with a neat pickup, but a crooked present costing marks. Should do very well this season based on today’s work.

5. ASTRA ANGUS (Angus) BC HOL 3 REC ¼ HF 2 ½ RET C A beautiful round produced by Kay and Angus. Heel on lead was very nice on the RH circle, with some minor drifts due to keen working. Unfortunately when Kay did her about turn to start the LH circle, she did a left about turn, which left Angus behind a little. He then tried to catch Kay back up, causing him to surge forward on the LH circle. Recall was good, but with a slightly off center present. Heel free was generally a very nice picture, but saw a few lapses in Angus’ concentration leading to drifts/wides. Naughty Kay was also stopping on her left turns. Retrieve was fabulous – smart outrun, tidy pickup and perfect present/finish – my only clear retrieve of the day. Well done both of you, he is a super dog who could easily be up the other end of the lineup.

6. IKIE THAT’S MY SUN (Ikie) WS HOL 2 ½ REC ¼ HF 2 ¼ RET 1 Ikie is a little powerhouse of a dog who produced a really good round today with keen faults like little jumps causing loss of position. The HOL on both circles was of a very good standard, with some crabbing on the RH circle and loss of position on the LH circle. Recall was great, nice straight present but a slightly crooked finish. Heel free was good overall, with the odd loss of position and crabbing on the straights as Ikie was trying so hard. Ann also didn’t quite keep straight on the straights, meaning at times she walked into Ikie, causing him to lose position. Retrieve was a little messy, with Ikie being a little slow on the outrun and untidy on the pickup, but ending with a nice straight present and a tidy finish. Sorry that you missed the lineup Ann and Ikie, well done on your place. Your rosette was left with the Show Secretary who will forward it to you.

JUDGE’S SPECIAL - SURREAL MACOY (Mac) Mac and Sheila worked early on in the day, producing a stylish round which was very enjoyable to watch. Their setup was confident and assured; they were a team who entered the ring looking like they meant business! The relationship between dog and handler was evident, with accurate but motivated heelwork, and very neat set exercises. Sadly this team had a down stay issue which put them out of the lineup. To those of you who did training rounds, I hope that you achieved what you wanted from today. Carol and Legend (Borderdance Dream Legend from Kinaway) were very impressive indeed and are definitely a team to watch for the future.

Thank you to all the competitors for entering and accepting my decisions; it was a privilege to judge your beautiful dogs Judge – Kate Claxton

Class B Steward: Carol Derrett Decoy: Val Long Entries: 19. Worked: 19.

 Very many thanks Marg and the Committee for the invitation to judge at this super show. Organisation and catering were as usual first class. Many thanks Val Davis for the lovely lunch and ensuring my steward was individually catered for. Very much appreciated. Thanks Carol for stewarding, you were great as always, and also thanks Val for being the decoy in scent.

After a cold start, we even had decent weather so a very enjoyable day. Sometimes, after a winter break, the standard can be a little low in this class, but not today. We had some excellent rounds with all exercises mostly well done by those who worked them.

At the end of the day the results were:

1st Mrs A Beardshaw & ALFIE SON OF DEL BOY BC D losing 4 3/4 A lovely accurate round with just a bit of crabbing taking the odd point and a jump on pick up of sendaway. Congratulations on this well deserved win. You should have a good season to look forward to. Good luck.

2nd Mrs P Thompson & GO WILD FOR EXPRESSEBURY WS D losing 5 3/4 Unfortunately Berwyn was unsettled by a skateboarder during heelwork and lost position a couple of times. Otherwise he worked a lovely round and ended with the only clear scent of the day. Well done.

3rd Mr S Wiltshire & SERENDIPITY I'M LUCY WS B losing 11 3/4 Lucy decided to drop at the front marker in sendaway taking a big chunk of the marks lost. The rest of the round was lovely. Very impressed with your fast pace Steve.

4th Miss B Iles & DUSTERETTE AT WEATHERILE WS B losing 12 Dusty decided to make a bit of a hash of scent after a very good initial round. She was a bit excited in heelwork costing her the odd bit but made up for it with a beautiful sendaway. Well done.

5th Mrs S M & Mr C A King & WONDERFUL WIZZARD WS D losing 15 Handled by Clive. Worked a pretty good round until retrieve when Wizz's enthusiasm boiled over. He redeemed himself with a very good scent. Well done Clive on your successful day with both your boys.

6th S Wiggins & SURREAL MACOY WS D losing 25 1/4 Unfortunately Mac broke the down stay which cost him the majority of his points lost. Otherwise a very nice round.

Judges Special Miss B Iles & SAARTJIE ROSE AT WEATHERILE WS Rosie had the best heelwork mark of the day but was the only dog to fail scent so she gets the judge's special. Well done.

Thank you all for your entries and I hope you enjoyed your day and rounds as much as we did. Judge . Steph Woollam

‘A’ Dog & Bitch

Judge - Gaynor George Steward - Liz Jury Table Steward - Bethan George

Thank you to Margaret for inviting me to judge, and to all the people who provided the catering and the lovely lunch - Top Job!!! Thank you to Liz for being there for me as this was my first ‘A’ judging appointment. She was really supportive of me, guided the competitors effortlessly through the rounds and did a tremendous job! Thanks also to Bethan (my lovely daughter) who was table-steward for us by default as I had forgotten to send off her entry - Sorry Beth! - but you did a fab job! Mary and her team of stay stewards - Brilliant! We had what turned out to be a lovely day with the sun shining on us and I would like to thank the competitors for not keeping us waiting. 

I tried to make the round as straightforward as possible so I hope that you all found it enjoyable. I had 26 entries, 21 worked, 9 did training rounds and there were 14 dogs in stays!

The results were as follows:

1st SAARTJIE COLUMBINE - WS - (SHEP) HF -0.75,RET -0.75, A-Recall C, Scent - 1.25 Stays - C TOTAL 2.75 What a lovely boy! A well deserved win for this very keen boy who was lovely to watch. Well done!!

2. SOFT TOUCH LUCY - WS - (LUCY) HF -1.5, RET - 0.5, A-Recall 0.5, Scent - C, Stays - 0.5 TOTAL 3.00 Lucy worked so hard for her mum producing some lovely work. Lucy decided to roll on return in the stays which was rather costly today! Still you must admit you have had a great start to the season and she will get you that red one!

3. RAXMAE MOLLIE - WS - (MOLLIE) HF - 1.75, RET - C, A-Recall 1.0, Scent - 0.5, Stays - C TOTAL 3.25 This dog is 11 years old and WOW! Her drive is amazing and she loves her work! Well done Mollie you were fab!

4. SAARTJIE ROSE AT WEATHERLIE - WS - (ROSIE) HF - 1.5, RET - 0.5, A-Recall - 0.5, Scent - 1.75 Stays C TOTAL 4.25 Fantastic motivation and a lovely round. A little costly in the scent which would have given a higher place but nevertheless a lovely round. Well done!!

5. SERENDIPITY I’M LUCY - WS - (LUCY) HF -2.5, Ret - 1.25, A-Recall - 0.25, Scent - 0.5 Stays C TOTAL 4.50 Lucy is a lovely steady girl who tries hard for her dad. Set exercises really good with just a few little marks lost on her heelwork. A lovely team who will do well this year! Well done!

6. TANGLEWOOD TIGER TEETH - WS - (PEGGY) HF - 3.75, Ret - 0.75, A-Recall - 1.0, Scent - 0.25, Stays C TOTAL 5.75 Peggy made a few mistakes on heel work but made up for them by doing really good set exercises and a fab scent. I think you were a little shocked at getting your place, but you deserved it! Well done!!

Judges Special Rosette - This went to K”OTIC MEYHAM - WS - (ICE) A nice training round with Ice today that was very constructive. She will be in the cards very soon!! Good luck for the future.

Many thanks to you all for entering today and for accepting my decisions. A wonderful start to the season for all in the line-up!! Good luck to all entrants for the coming season, I’ll see you at the shows!! J

udge. Gaynor George