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October  2015 Obedience show results


Thank you Margaret and the WEBCC committee for inviting me to judge at your show. This was the first show I entered when starting out in competitive obedience and so has a special place in my heart! Me and my team were very well looked after, with yummy bacon sandwiches and a fantastic buffet lunch - thank you very much.   Kate Claxton was my faultless steward: putting the competitors at ease, giving clear and concise instructions and taking care of all the details I am too careless to remember. This woman is an absolute saint and the most selfless person I know, I am grateful to have you as a friend.   Graham Claxton kept my scoreboard in immaculate condition, organised the competitors and in his spare time picked up a place in Beginners with my favourite Moosenose - very well done. The stunning rosettes were donated by Fiona Perry in memory of her lovely Zari, a very special touch. I thought your gesture of a prize for best training round was inspired.  

The test consisted of Heel on Lead (three right turns and one left turn), followed by the recall and then finally heel free (one about turn). We had 17 entries of which 11 booked in and worked the round. Of the 10 dogs that presented for stays, 7 were clear. The results were as follows:  

1st: No 69. BAMBI BABE (GR), K Rookes. HOL: 1/2. R: 1/2, HF: 1/4 Wow. Great attitude and teamwork secured you the top spot today. You were both a dream to watch and flowed around the ring. Kate and I commented that you could win a Beginners, and like great psychics at work you also took the Beginners red today! I sincerely hope to see you at open shows next season, many congratulations on your wins today.  

2nd (ARO): No 74. GUNNER JOBLUE (GSD), S Smith HOL: 1 1/2, R: 1, HF: 1/4 A lovely drivey dog that reminds me of my own crazy Belgian. Your handling got the best out of your boy today and you worked effortlessly together as a team. A very well deserved place.  

3rd (ARO): No 32. RITARA GIFTED AND BLACK (Toy Poodle), R Greaves. HOL: 1 1/2. R: 1/4, HR: 1 I have judged this team before and I loved judging you again today. He held a consistent heelwork position with only minor inaccuracies, well done. Your handling and training speaks for itself as your other dog would have been in the line up if stays hadn't gotten in the way.  

4th (ARO): No 20. POPSTER BLOSSOM (XB), D Edwards. HOL: 3/4, R: 3/4, HF: 2 You were worth waiting for: a lovely attentive little dog with run off heelwork even better than the first set. Slight drifts and dropping back on sits were your only faults today, very well done.  

5th (ARO): No 7. KENXICAN CAYMAN CHARM (Border Terrier), N Beardsley. HOL: 2, R: C. HF: 1 1/2 First in the running order and you didn't disappoint - such a character! The only clear recall and a team with bags of attitude. Thank you for making me smile today!  

6th: No 54. AMBLEOPIA LEO (BC), C Lewin. HOL: 2 1/4, R: 1/2, HF: 4 A great willing dog, most of your marks were lost for a tight lead. Well done on your place.  

Special: No 3. BOWSTONES CRACKLIN ROSIE (Lab), M Angrave. There was no question which special dog would get my special rosette today: this gorgeous veteran had us smiling for her whole round which was completed with such enthusiasm for a dog of 13 years. She loved every second and so did we. When she broke her stays my heart broke a bit as well. Thank you for entering today.

I also must mention:   No 11, BRINICOMBE SUMMER (Cocker Spaniel). I love this little dog, she was completing a fantastic round until a pigeon was just begging to be chased. Another team that made us laugh - thank you.   No 76, JET ON THE BALL AT JETSBALL (BC). First ever show and great ring work, just sort those crooked sits out!    

 It was a pleasure to judge you all. Enjoy your dogs.

Babs Sharp  

 Beginners Judge  - Pat Thompson,   Ring Steward – Carole Dodson        

Many thanks Margaret Garland and Val Davis for inviting me to judge at your well organised show and for looking after us all day.  Ken Lampier drove all the way up from Cornwall to help out in the kitchen and the lunch was particularly welcome as it turned out really cold. Thanks Ken!   Thanks also to Carole Dodson, for stepping in and stewarding for me on this occasion and for being so encouraging to the beginner handlers! I really appreciated your help. Thanks as well to Jill Davis for being Chief Stay Steward and Sue Reed for being Chief Steward.  

A mixed bag in the beginner class, as ever, which is why I enjoy judging it!  

The results were as follows:-    

1st  69    K. Rookes with BAMBI BABE  (GR)  Lost 3 ½ Ran first and what a standard to set! You always hope to get a dog in your class like this, one that is so outstanding. Very little to mark on heelwork. Just tidy up the presents and finishes and you will be flying. I loved the turn in the air over the dumbbell to pick it up cleanly and return with it. I’m sure you will be winning up the classes very soon. Many congratulations.  

2nd  20  D. Edwards with POPSTER BLOSSOM (X) Lost 6 ½     Very nice HW but most points lost for touching the dog in the retrieve. Small dog nicely handled in the HW. Well done.  

3rd   78 Mrs L. Thomas with ELTHEA GREAT SENSIBILITY  (BC)  Lost 7   Could do well but on this occasion started off the HW from the stand and made contact with the handler’s hand. A bit naughty on the recall as whilst the handlers back was turned, had a little shuffle forwards to eat the grass! I’m sure it will all come together soon. Good luck.  

4th  10  Mr Claxton with DOVERS DOTTY BY NATURE  (X) Lost 8          Most points lost on Dotty’s HW today but neat set exercises secured this place for you. Well done.    

5th  17  Mrs C. Doane  with    TROUBEDEL DJANGO  (GSP)  Lost 9 Smart looking GSP, just needs to work a bit closer in the HW. A very crooked present lost you marks on the recall but a good effort.  

6th   67  W. Robertson  with EVELYN FRANCHESCA  (FCR)  Lost 9 ½    Lovely happy dog, I put in my notes! Unintentional use of the lead lost a few marks in the HW as did the tickle on the head in the present in the recall. It made us chuckle though! A bit more ring experience and I’m sure you will do really well.  

Judges Special Mrs N. Beardsley with KENXIAM CAYMAN CHARM (Border Terrier) Really nice HOL but had a sneaky sniff of the ground in HF and would have been running off for 3rd place but unfortunately broke his sit stay. Keep up the good work, he’s fab!  

Many thanks again to everyone involved with organising and helping at this show.  


Note to myself ! Next time anything but Novice ! Drew the 'short straw' with 55 entries but great for WOEBCC to get such a big entry. Hospitality was excellent. Thanks to Margaret for organisation and to Sue Reed and Jill Davis as Chief Show and Stay Stewards respectively. Many thanks to Mary Dunnington, Ring Steward and Alec Dando, Score Steward (who's 84!). Both spent many hours out in the cold weather to ensure the class ran smoothly. I donated all the obedience rosettes in memory of my beloved Zari, all multi-tiered, ribboned, and printed 'in memory of Zari'.There was wine for the first two in the line up and a £10 M and S voucher for the best training round.

I set a short round; HOL was a right hand circle, a right turn and an about turn with some straight work to link these. HF was a left hand circle with two left turns. We had some very competent teams but sad to see so many still nagging their dogs. There are so many positive, motivational ways to get dogs to enjoy training, especially heelwork, it should be about a happy partnership not the dog wanting to be anywhere else but with its handler in the ring and that applies whatever the breed ! Another stumbling block was competitors trying to do more than their dogs understood and either rewarding wrong behaviors or ignoring a great bit of work 'til the dog went wrong. Break it all down and reward little bits of what you want before starting to put it together !

Here's the results ;  

1st. 36. 'Risk it take it Boy'. XB. lost 2 1/2 When Annette and Bo came into the ring, she struggled to get him focussed on her. Once he got into his work, his drive and committment were fantastic. A stylish but accurate team and very competent handling. Well done. Enjoy the wine !

2nd. 66. 'Tollerice Aivazoff'. NSDTR. Lost 3 It's those gingers again ! Kadri was just half a point behind the winner. Set exercises clear, just bits of inconsistency in HW. Again, beautifully handled and motivated by Sam.

3rd. 58. 'Spanjac Wizzywoo'. XB. Lost 5 Izzy did you proud today, Jacqui. Most of your HW marks were handler error, address them and you'll help Izzy a lot. Your attitude of wanting her to be happy in her work is spot on ! And well done on your training round with Pickle, some great bits of HW to work on ! 

4th. 46. 'Wonderful Wizzard. WS. Lost 5 1/2 A big impressive merle dog, very keen. Think you can step out a bit more and show him off! Main losses on HW but lots of potential to go further. Well done, Clive and Forest ! 

5th. 37. 'Rascal in the Mix' XB. Lost 6 A steady accurate round quietly but confidently handled by Alan. Beaten by your wife today, well, not literally !! Very well done !

6th. 1. 'Allanabru Awesome in Amber' Min Pinscher. Lost 6 1/2 Amber truly is awesome, I love her dainty style of working, doesn't work close on Ruth's leg but holds a consistent position and has loads of character with it. Main losses in HF and Ret.  

Also tied for 6th place, No., 9 'Reggie of the Woods'. Couldn't find Phil and Reggie for a r/o so have asked that the special rosette be sent on to them ! Training Rounds ; We had lots of these with varying degrees of success. Some nice, young dogs coming along well !

The £10 M and S voucher went to No., 79, 'Spelsbury Reckless', Lab, alias Gill and Corey. Superb motivational training round, you are doing exactly the right thing bringing him on slowly and with lots of enjoyment ! Also caught my eye, No., 77 ' Springtyme Oberon', Monty and Debbie. Super rapport with your dog, lovely play and rewarding at just the right time.

Thank you to everyone who entered. Enjoy your lovely dogs, they are there for you always and in whatever life may throw at you.

Fiona Perry.

Class 'A'

1st Erikachen Feidhelm at Tollerice

2nd Tardy Bill

3rd Tollerice Aivazoff

4th Helisas Miss Defy Me

5th Little Miss Spottlestoes

6th Gemmadea Yassie Woo

Class B

1st Tardy Bill

2nd Erikachen Feldhelm at Tollerice  

3rd Little Miss Spottletoes

4th Wonderful Wizzard

5th Surreal Macoy