Border Collie Club

Limited obedience results 22 October 2016

Thank you Margaret Garland for the invite to judge at your show..And a what pleasure it turned out to be..Not only did I have a very able Steward in Kate Claxton, but a steady stream of eager Competitors...Kate thanks for the fantastic job of putting all at ease..Weather bitter cold but didn`t dampen the spirits, To Sandra Hill for your patience with our newbies in the stay ring... Makes such a difference.. And before I move on to the results, I must give thanks to Val.. who made such a scrummy Cheese and potato pie.Tried to walk off with it,but couldn't sneak back after Lunch..That was worth the days judging on it's own..lol.. Right enough :-


1st ....KELTIHOPE MISS MARCH, and Marilyn Adams...and Paige.. what a team, although the test was not very difficult it was a test, and Paige breezed through it Smart little Sheltie..Well Done.. `

2nd ...BRADLEY COURT BONNIE, and Andrea Sykes,with NALA a lovely Lab.. did a grand job.. could so easily have been in the Red spot..Well done.. `

3rd....LACED WITH LOVE, W/S handled by Lou Stevens...Lacey is another who put on a very good show...not far away from the top of the line..Well Done.. `

4th....TONKORY QUICK OFF THE MARK..Shelley Alexandra with Lottie, I believe this was your first show.. If so then pat yourself on the back a very good effort, just remember to START and CONTINUE with a loose lead.. Lottie didn`t need it.. But well done ... good future ahead if you want to continue.. `

5th...BLUES BOY HIGH FLYER. a FABULOUSLY HAPPY STAFFIE,handled by Leah Hill..Walter bought a smile to my face with his happy attitude.. good luck with him ... `

6th...AMBLEOPIA LEO,This Border Collie handled by Christine Lewin,tried very hard , and Leo did his best to oblige.. just came up against a good entry today..well done.. `

Judges Special went to Edith Kreutner and AUCHENCLOCH FABLE and Taya, a lovely Golden Retriever, who tried very hard to please ..Moms problem (as is mine at times) Over doing the footwork on turns,,I hope you can get fixed up with a trainer soon.. Good luck `


Such a very good standard..very little to chose between all the teams, but here are the results..

1st ..again it was Marilyn Adams and her lovely Sheltie..Blew the round away,and fully deserved the Red..Well done Paige..

2nd GUNNER JOBLUE,with Sandra Smith, a Fab German Shepherd...great positions, just little bits stopped you winning, although you won the Run/Off for your place...well done..

3rd..DAISY DIBBLE and Annette Gibson, such a great effort and on another day could also have won this class..unfortunately had to run /off with Gunner, and it was only a hairs breath between them..good luck in the future..

4th AME MAGNANIME DIDIER DE TITA, Kathy Williams with one of her two dogs in this class,and Dido did her proud..just little bits to tighten up on and yes it will be another story , Beauceron`s are big powerful dogs so well done..

5th Was Christine Lewin again with AMBLEOPIA LEO..a very jolly Border Collie,who again tried so hard..couldn`t just get close enough to the teams above..well done and good luck for the future..

6th ..DELIGHTFUL DEVON, and Annette Gibson`s second Lab in the line up..Devon tried hard but as I know Labs can have minds of their own.. well done..

 and last but not least my Special in this class,, Kathy Williams,and Rubi, full of bounce and enjoyed her work..well done.. ` Thank you all for making my day so enjoyable ..I didn`t hear any moans about the decisions, so I must have pleased enough of you.. Good luck to all who decide to move on in this sport..Good winter training and you will be on the way up.. Oh and Merry Christmas.. `

Novice Dog and Bitch

Well first of all I would like to thank Margaret and the committee for the invitation to judge at their show, it is very well organised and once again the lunch was great. The biggest thanks of the day is to my steward Kristi Walker and my very organised scoreboard steward Graham Claxton.

Right well down to the business of the day the competitors that went home the happiest.

1st  ARO 13 Mrs Canning with Shanmill Lil Bit of Heaven BC HOL 3/4 HF 3/4 Recall clear retrieve 1 total lost 2 1/2 Very little mark from this pair small bit of drifting and crabbing very enjoyable to watch. Work on the retrieve as this was costly to you today. This is a pair to watch out for in the future. Good luck for next season

2nd ARO 75 Ms Wiggins with Surreal Macoy WS HOL 1 HF 1 Recall ¼ retrieve ¼ total lost 2 1/2 This was a very close run class today shame you met the above. A little bit of drifting, crabbing and lose on the turns tighten these up and you will definitely be winning next time. I do enjoy watching this boy I look forward to seeing him more this next season and I don’t think it will be long before you are winning. Good luck for next Season

3rd ARO 12 Mr Best and Reggie of the Woods WS HOL 1 HF 3/4 Recall ¼ Retrieve 1/2 total lost 2 ½ What a shame you met the above pair today and the helicopter flew over during your run off. He is a lovely boy and I can see how far you have come together. Not much to mark on the heelwork a little drifting and crabbing, sort out the crooked presents on the retrieve and recall and that will help you out loads. Good luck for next season.  

4th ARO 59 Mrs Shore Redaurora Golden Dream NSDTR HOL 1 1/2 HF 3 Recall C Retrieve ¼ total points lost 4 3/4 Well done on this place today. It was a shame that she seemed to switch off a little on HF tighten up your turns and this will see you further up the line. Good luck for next season  

5th ARO 66 Ms Webster with Friendborn Forever Gold GR HOL 1 3/4 HF 1 1/4  Recall ½ Retrieve 1 1/4 total points lost 4 3/4 Well done on your place today I know you were very happy as this is your young dog. She was lovely to watch just baby mistakes that need ironing out. Good luck for next season

6th  43 Mrs Lucas with Soft Touch Lucy WS HOL 1 3/4 HF 2 3/4 Recall ¼ Retrieve 1 1/4 total points lost 5 Well done on your place today. She seemed to switch off a little on HF which was a shame tighten up the small things on your heelwork and I am sure you will be further up the line. Good luck for next season  

I would like to thank you all for respecting my decision and make sure you all keeping enjoying your dogs and I wish you all lots of luck for next season.  


Class A

1st. Manutahi Makers Mark

2nd. Jezzechos Ross

3rd. Sandais Little Star 

4th. Tollerice Aivazoff

 5th. Wonderful Wizzard

6th. Razmae Molly

Class B

Thanks to Marg for the invitation to judge at this show and apologies for the lateness of this report. Always such a good lunch and hospitality at this show! Nine dogs were presented for the test, two teams did training. Thanks to Val Long for guiding the teams around the course. I divided the heelwork round into two sections Normal & Fast and Normal & Slow paces set apart by the set exercises.

1st - S Aldridge with Manutahi Makers Mark (BSD) finished on 6.5. Kite worked beautifully but had left his sits at home and lost position on his left-about and one right turn in the slow pace. A slight banana on his return in the retrieve lost him a mark as did a slow rejoin in the recall although his sendaway was spot-on. A further half mark for a crooked present was lost in the scent exercise. Lovely to watch, well done. 

2nd - Mrs A Beardshaw with Alfie Son Of Del Boy (BC): lost 8. This team showed real style in the normal/fast paces, however disappointingly the slow pace showed up a few faults, Alfie lost his enthusiasm which caused him to lag and lose attention at times. Retrieve and sendaway/recall were excellent and no more marks were lost in either. Only half a point was lost in the scent exercise. A good round, well done.

3rd - Mr & Mrs Rice's Erikachen Feidhelm At Tollerice (NSDTR): lost 8.5. If Varos hadn't lost 5 marks in the scent exercise, this would easily have been the winning team today. The heelwork was excellent, and a mix of faults occurred, no one particular fault causing concern. The retrieve incurred one and a half marks, caused by a slightly crooked present and anticipated finish. Sendaway and recall were clear. Well done.

4th - Miss B Griffith with Topper (WS): lost 12. This lovely dog just keeps steadily on going. Topper works rather forward but stays in that position, however a couple of faults crept in to the heelwork. Half a mark was lost on the retrieve and another on the scent exercise. Topper anticipated the sendaway, went around the front marker and Barbara had to re-command, so losing rather a lot of marks. Not a bad round though Barbara, well done.

5th - Mrs P Thompson and Go Wild For Expressebury (WS): lost 13. Loss of position in heelwork left this team 6 marks down, then Berwyn mouthed the article on the way back to Pat. He went down in a perfect position at the back marker but his anticipation cost more penalties. The only clear scent of the day however! Well done Berwyn, a little more precision and more restraint and you'll be right up there!

6th - J Mayo and Spanjac Wizzy Woo Beg Ex. (X Breed): lost 15. I love watching this little dog work, she keeps a good position alongside Jacqui, remarkable in such a small dog. Unfortunately, several faults occurred during both parts of the heelwork, namely several wides and lags and at one point, no sit. Her enthusiasm for the retrieve caused her to bark and she didn't sit on the present. She was another who couldn't wait to do the sendaway and recall. But she did enjoy the scent exercise, throwing the cloth in the air when she found it! 

Judge: Mary Siddall