Border Collie Club

Results of Limited Obedience show 13.10.2018


Thank you to everyone at the West of England Border Collie Club for a very well-run show. After Storm Callum on Friday the day was remarkably calm with a little sunshine. Thank you to my steward and the stay team. A very nice group of Pre-Beginners and Beginners. It all ran very smoothly, we were not kept waiting and finished both classes really early

1. Reinglen’s Emerald Number 4 GSD Losing 3 1/2   Handled extremely well, a little crabbing on some of the straights but very little to mark. Well done

2. Our Sky Full of Stars Number 51 BC Losing 4 3/4   A little lagging and some lack of attention, but nicely handled. Perfect set exercise, best of the day. Well done

3. Amberslade Delavays Silver   Number 19 Collie Losing 5   Lovely dog and well handled, watch your lead it will get marked. A little wide but a nice round

4. Come a Long Way Jay  Number 61 W.S. Losing 8   Better on lead than off lead. Need to work on the dogs attention. But well done.

5. Detania Duke of Gloucester Number 23 BC Losing 8 1/4   Heel free needs some work. Attention and walking a little faster may help. 

6. Ellie Star . Number 8 G.S.D. Losing 10 3/4   Enthusiastic handling but needs to work on dogs attention. Watch your stays, last command means last command.


1. Cavronscourt Mirren Number 41 losing 7   Very steady round, a little wide on and off lead. Some nice turns. Nice recall but some work needed on the retrieve.

2. Reinglen Emerald Number 4 G.S.D. Losing 8   Nice heelwork but some crabbing and jumping. Watch your recall it cost you the class today.

3. Detania Duke of Gloucester  Number 23 BC Losing 8 1/2   Nice round but lagging off lead and your retrieve needs some work, but well done.

4. Amberslade Delavays Silver  Number 19 Collie Losing 9 3/4   Nice round but a little slow on the turns. Its always difficult for the dog to work 2 classes. But well done.

5. Come a Long Way Jay  Number 61 W.S.D. Losing 10 3/4   Heel free let you down and also the dog did not present in the recall, this cost you 2 1/2 so something to work on.

6. Ambleopia Leo  Number 31 BC Losing 11 1/2   Good heel on lead but the heel free needs some attention. A nice recall. Well done

Wendy Palfrey Judge.


1. Cameley Cloudberry 

2. Crack on Craig

3. He’s a Showman 

4. Cleyne Hage Rijssen

5. Marlish Harmonique

6. Gunners Joblue

Class A

1. Samdais Little Star

2. Wonderful Wizzard 

3. Hilsgolden Dorset Pink Lady 

4. Silver Merry Maker

5. He’s a Showman 

6. Zatasha White Tip

Class B

1. Call me Chloe 

2. Wonderful Wizzard 

3. Little Miss Spottletoes

4. Risk it Take it Boy