Border Collie Club

Open Breed Show 7th April 2018

SO grateful to the  management and all of you for not pulling the plug on me as I experienced my first (official!) senior moment having convinced myself / diarised the show as Sunday, not Saturday! Such an honour, as a relative outsider, to be entrusted with a breed Club show being not only a valuable "hands on" opportunity but also part of an ongoing learning curve as you strive to "get it right" in your interpretation not only of breed type & structure but also in applying that to functionality & fitness for purpose. For my "homework" I reread Toni Jackson's brilliantly written & illustrated extended breed standard. This is a Club that goes over & above "beauty" classes, covering obedience / working / agility too with laudable stoppages as required whilst some exhibits competed in other disciplines. 32 dog entries reduced to 20 on the day including repeats ; 47 bitch entries reduced to 19 so as to give 48 hands on.

Dog Results


1st: Shahmatova's  Nashdom Putting On The Style 7m; v typy; balanced head ratios; muzzle tapered yet strong; distinct stop; gd neck & forehand; well ribbed already; deep; gd bone & feet; quality bodylines; smooth profile gait but can firm in rear action. BPIS

2nd: Jenkins' Caleykiz Lightening Strike 7m; another typical youngster with quality lines; expressive eye; narrower in muzzle; well bodied; firm rear; oval feet but can firm at pastern.

 3rd: Colledge's Crack On Craig

No entries for Puppy 


1st: Johnson's Tonkory Talking Point At Tydespring 12.5m; really well constructed, being of correct body balance & proportions; has forechest revealed by well laid shoulder; gd neck & backline; well ribbed back; gd feet; gd eye; moderately short muzzle; appeared just a little full in cheek.

2nd: Warren's Meisterwerk Reef 15m; gd headpiece having breadth in skull; brown, oval eye; distinct stop; relatively short, strong muzzle; less deep; came on a little wide; "gay" tail carriage; ex jacket 


One exhibit was excused

1st: Kinton & Davis' Kinaway All Is Said And Done For Jacamalis 18m; loved this youngster with his smooth contours & balanced angles; lovely head & eye with moderately short muzzle; ex forehand revealed by long, slightly arched neck; firm front; body of correct length & ribbing; correct croup & rump provided firm rear action off the hock; will surely make his presence felt through the summer season if he matures on along these same lines. RBD.

2nd: Bridges & Cooper's Kirkbridgend Kairos 22m; finer & narrower built through both head & body & with a short rib which are less desirable traits for an "endurance" breed


1st: N Putting On The S

2nd: Williamson's Rujaff Topsy Turvy 3yrs; lithe & functional agility d. evidently; rather fine in head & weak in front; v gd neck & bodylines so that he presented an athletic, tireless outline as he circuited.

3rd: Barratt's Wizalong Brit Idol 


1st: Gardner's Littlethorn Kentucky Rising 3yrs; lots of gd breed type; scored in head, eye, ears, stop & muzzle; balanced angles fore & aft; deep; gd body proportions; went well; just a little heavy over neck & shoulders.

2nd: Carter's Cartezz Its About That Time 4yrs; heavier headed with lower set ear; narrower fronted; felt he was a little longcast, not helped by an exaggerated croup & tendency to stand roached; however he used himself well on the move, giving a smoother outline than when static.  


1st: Lampier's Tonkory I'm all Right Jack 5yrs litter brother of the BIS; lovely head through skull, eye & muzzle with v distinct stop; gd neck & forehand to reveal forechest; clean front; gd bone & feet; correct body length, depth & ribbing; went true, with freedom, in profile, albeit his tendency to excessive tail lift detracted.

2nd: Patch's Locheil Meet Joe Black 3yrs; less quality in head being heavier headed that then carried through his neck & bodylines; had depth & gd body proportions; gd bone & feet; ex coat in density & texture; came on true & maintained a gd profile action; ran close behind beyond the natural convergence at speed. 


1st: Richards' Sh Ch Chastanse Sweet William 4.5 yrs; handsome chap; gd skull & muzzle ratios; distinct stop; rather rounded in cheek; gd eye & ear; firm front; gd in feet & pastern; deep; well ribbed back; moved smooth & true; just heavier built that told in the Challenge

2nd: Shahmatova's Nashdom Putting On The Ritz 2yrs; built on such clean, quality lines; lovely headpiece; well constructed; weaker in pastern & running close behind so as to firm at hock; correct body proportions; gd jacket.

3rd: Patch's Locheil Edge Of Glory


1st: Gowing's Wildblue It's The Business (Imp USA) Sh CM Rising 9yrs; refined in head but all in correct ratios to give such a keen expression; gd eye & ears; eye catching outline of enviable proportions; so gd to go over as a result; arch to neck; balanced angles fore & aft; deep; well ribbed back; correct croup; had a tireless flowing profile action, albeit with a tendency to weave in front; conditioned & exhibited to win & maintained his form throughout. BD

2nd: Follwell's Moshanta Midnight Sky 9.5yrs; gd head to muzzle proportions and eye & ear to give alert expression; clean front; well made; has depth & length; swift & sound moving; just that bit heavier built all through.

3rd: Mockford's Quories Sweep From Snowmere  

A.O.C D(5,2)

1st: L Kentucky

2nd: Q Sweep From S 7.5yrs; 3rd in VD; looked so fit & functional; really lithe & agile being of a taller & lighter boned structure that followed through from his narrower muzzle; ex neck & backline; gd in angles & croup.

3rd: R Topsy Turvy


1st: L Kentucky

2nd: Q Sweep From S.

3rd: R Topsy Turvy

Bitch results 


1st: Shahmatova's Nashdom La Vie Est Belle 7m litter sister to BPIS; super type; so feminine in head & outlook; gd in skull, eye, ears & muzzle; ex neck & backline; really shapely & carries herself with stealthy style; just tended to "hook" her tail, that maturity of mind should sort out.

2nd: Wallbank's Defying Gravity 6m; raw; expressive face; of gd length & well ribbed back; gd jacket; understandably is rather narrow through; needs to firm in movement

 No Puppy Bitches 

No Junior Bitches 


1st: Kinton's Kinaway I Have A Dream 18m litter sister to RBD; cracking young b & what an enviable brace they make; excels in head type; has breadth through skull; brown, oval eye; distinct stop; taper to muzzle; has depth & length with ribbing to give ex body proportions; toes in a tad; firm rear; outstandingly tireless profile action with head carried relatively low; all rather classic & exciting & surely one to watch out for. RBB & RBIS

2nd: Ward's Caristan Chocolate Liquor 18m & utterly feminine in head, albeit narrower in muzzle; well made & shapely; gd bone & feet; ex neck & backline; muscular rear with gd croup; moved with momentum off her hock; just a little slack in front; another of utmost promise.

3rd: Johnson's Tonkory Reverie At Tidespring 

4. Tonkory Quickstep with Pitcombe JW

5. Kirkbridgend Athena 


1st:  N La Vie Est B

2nd: Bridges / Cooper's Kirkbridgend Athena 22m; VHC in YB; balanced in skull & muzzle; eye a shade light; gd neck & backline; well ribbed back in a body of correct depth & length; just moved rather weak both fore & aft.

3rd: D Gravity 

4. Closheps Riomist


1st: Johnson's Kanamaren Anything She Does At Tidespring 21m; lovely b. of ex breed type all through; alert expression from gd head features with well spaced eyes & ears; ex forehand; clean front; well ribbed; balanced angles; gd croup & tail carriage; she went well, maintaining her lovely, shapely profile with fluidity; another young b. with an assured future & should be readily moving up the class rankings 

2nd: Gregory's Tonkory Putting On The Style 2yrs; graceful & balanced; lovely head with distinct stop; gd eye & ears albeit a touch narrower in muzzle; gd neck & front; quality bodylines being well ribbed back; beautifully proportioned; just a touch less accurate "out & back"; so close up & another destined to win her way out of this class level.

3rd: Bloomfield's Alpana Strike A Pose

4. Kirkbridgend Rock Star

5. Dreamwork Interstellar 


1st: Gowing's Miraje It's Too Good At Pikara Sh CM 4.5yrs daughter of BD; such quality; lovely head with correct breadth through skull yet taper through muzzle that still retained strength; gd neck & forehand to free up some forechest; well ribbed back; firm loin; gd croup & tailset & carriage; ex jacket; moved sound on ex feet. close up in the Challenge & will surely be holding her own this season

2nd: Lampier's Tonkory Mark Time A1 3yrs; super fit & athletic; excelled in head with wide set eyes & ears; lovely neck & backline; ex body proportions; everything about her just flowed; another capable of taking on the best, especially as she matures further being still relatively narrow.

3rd: Gregory's Tonkory Onwards And Upwards 


Competitive class

1st: Gregory's Tonkory I Should Coco JW 5yrs; gave me all I was looking for with that eclectic mix of grace, balance & substance; so typical in head that was cleanly proportioned; lovely eye; arch to neck that broadened into shoulders; ex forehand with balance through her well turned hindquarters; has required breadth all through; textured coat; correct croup  & tail with upward swirl; took it all up a notch with an apparently tireless, stealth-like profile gait with minimum "lift" & head carried relatively low so as to demonstrate Fit for Function; must be title bound; BB & BIS

2nd: Hartfield's Moshanta Movin On JW Sh CM 3yrs; giving age away but holding her own with such "easy on the eye" bodylines; expressive in eye & ear; correct skull to muzzle proportions; beautifully balanced angles fore & aft; shapely & graceful; correctly broad & muscled through hindquarters; gd croup & tail carriage; maintained a typically smooth, sound gait; has a couple of years in hand to reach the top as she certainly should if she continues to mature on these lines

3rd: Shahmatova's Tonkory I'll Be There For Nashdom  

4. Moshanta Must be Love at Janquillow 

5. Sh.Ch. Locheil By Invitation Only to Croxlea


1st: Porter's Locheil Moments Like This For Croxlea 10yrs half-sister to BIS; still has her youthful functionality & breed type; such desired proportions both through head & body; expressive eye & ear; scored both in structure & substance w/o exaggeration; well ribbed back; gd croup & tail carriage; educational to watch her swift profile gait with head dropped low & rise over loin; in gd coat; fully expected her to be titled.

2nd: Bridges' Kirkwind Poppet At Kirkbridgend 8yrs; has breadth through skull & strength through tapered muzzle; so alert & active; well made so as to move soundly on ex feet; correct body proportions; just sagged a touch in backline when circuiting

 3rd: Warren's Elthea Great Expectations 

4. Quories Dee from Snowmere 

5. Elthea Great Sensibility 


1st: C Chocolate Liquor

2nd: E Great Expectations 9yrs; 3rd in VB; has the desired skull to muzzle balance; built on quality bodylines & turned out in ex, firm condition; gd & balanced angles; well ribbed back; beautifully flowing side gait that appeared tireless; simply narrower through both head & body.

3rd: K Athena  

4. Dreamwork Interstellar 

5. Quories Dee from Snowmere 


1st: K Poppet At K

2nd: Bridges' Kirkbridgend Rock Star 4yrs; Reserve in PGB; absolutely feminine; gd in head & eye; has depth with length through her ribbing; athletically functional; she moved true enough but was narrowly both fore & aft.

3rd: Richard's Locheil I'm A Star  

4. Quories Dee from Snowmere 

 5. Elthea Great Sensibility