Border Collie Club

Rally October 2015

Results of Level 1A Rally

1st Gemmadean Yassie Woo

2nd Daisy Doogle

3rd The Hustler

4th Rodenca Checklehead

5th Samdais Little Star

6th Toffee Sensation Special Agilis Boy

Level 1B

1st Raxmae Mollie

2nd Tallygold Galadriel

3rd Elthea Great Expectations

4th Allanabru Awesome in Amber

5th Cariadus Arwen Evenstar

6th Tisanes Tudor Boy

Level 2

1st Joselsh's Summer Storm

2nd Daisy Doogle

3rd Darstadly Danny

4th Dukeson Its Aladdin at Lynscot

5th Elthea Great Expectations

6th Allanabru Awesome in Amber