Border Collie Club

Rally October 2016

Level 1A

1st. Auchencloch Fable

2nd. Janyjoy Misko Maiden

3rd. Bradley Court Bonnie

4th. Knott Solkungen

5th. Ame Magnanime Danielle De Rubis

6th. Ame Magnanime Didier De Titan

Level 1B

1st Cytas Aiming for the Top

2nd. Marlewood Anarchy Annie

3rd. Rooquis. Typoni Maiden 

4th. Rosmake Red Buck

5th. Bluejay Corvidae

6th. Tisanes Tudor Boy

Level 2A

1st.Go Wild for Expressebury 

2nd. Longtimbers Freya Alsorts

3rd. Raxmae Mollie

4th. Ame Magnanime Danielle De Rubis

5th. Goldbountys Olivine

6th. Janyjoy Misko Maiden

Level 2B

1st. Joelsh's Summer Storm

2nd. Barbs Dia Son

3rd. Cyras Aiming for the Top

4th. Rooqui's Typoni Maiden 

5th. Cotsdean Nell

6th. Eddie