Border Collie Club

Rally October 2017

Level 1, Part 1: Claire Price Qualifiers:

 Baxter, Wendy Dialynne Quintus 198 – 1st

Mather, Callie Bluehollow Moondaisy 194 – 2nd

Williamson, Alison Chilli Peppa at Willowyarde 188 – 3rd

Woodcock, David Cotsdean Nell 187 – 4th

Lee, Margery Loki Mischief Maker 182 – 5th

White, A Decoymans Piper Snowman 179 – 6th

Level 1 Part 2:

Jay Kanzaria Qualifiers: Bull, Fiona Tawnyhill Velvet 209 – 1st

Lee, Margery Syn Mischiefs Partner 201 – 2nd

Smith, Sandra Frolickin Ruby of Somerset 197 - 3rd

Williamson, Alison Rujaff Topsy Turvey 195 – 4th

Cobb/Kent Knytshall Moon of Josephine 187 - 5th

Freeman, H Borderella Snapdragon 183 – 6th

White, A Little Chops 183

Collier, Pam Goytre Valentine Moments 181

Coomes, Carol Brinicombe Summer 181

Lewin, Christine Ambleopia Leo 179

Mayo, Jacqui Madigan Mo Chailin Beag 176

 Level 2: Kathy Williams Report:

I should like to thank Margaret Garland for inviting me to judge Level 2 at the West of England Border Collie Club Show, and also Julia Bodsworth, the Chief Steward for her invaluable help and advice, and my Scribe (my husband) for not only scribing, but driving me to and from the event. I had a lovely day; the weather was kind to us and it was lovely to see such a variety of breeds of dog working with the class winner being a crossbreed Terrier, and with a Beagle in the placings – proof that ALL dogs can do Rally. Of the 30 entries, 20 worked with one withdrawing part way round – a very sympathetic handler keeping the confidence of her Toy Poodle up and improving her enthusiasm for Rally for next time!

There were 15 Qualifiers, 8 of whom qualified Excellent, so the standard was high. Team work between handlers and dogs was good but a lot of marks were lost unnecessarily by very wide “U” turns and 270 and 360 degree turns – remember that the Regulations state that the handler should make a turn within an approximate diameter of 45cm/18inches, with the dog maintaining a consistent position, depending on size and breed. Thank you all for working my course – and Keep On Rallying!

Kathy Level 2: Kathy Williams Qualifiers:

Rendell, Steph Minibitz at Heartside 201 – 1st

Bull, Fiona Tawnyhill Velvet 200 – 2nd

Lee, Margery Syn Mischiefs Partner 200 – 3rd

White, A.M. Decoymans Piper Snowman 198 – 4th

 Baxter, Wendy Dialynne Quintus 198 – 5th

Collier, Pam Goytre Valentine Moments 196 – 6th

Denham, Nicola My Silver Minnie Mouse 196

Woodcock, Daniel Cotswold Nell 194

Lavis Crazy Daisy of Turleigh 189

 Mather, Callie Blue Hollowmoon Daisy 188

White, A.M. Little Chops 184

Howell, EA Little Miss Lunar 178

 Mayo, Jacqui Jollie Ickle Pickle 175

 Rose, Mike Baron Rupert of Kidwelly 172

Harding, Deborah Clenver Belle of Springbank 171