Border Collie Club

Rally October 2018

Level 1 Part 1 (A)    Judge:- Julia Bodsworth      Scribe:- Helen Chetwynd

Thank you to Margaret Garland and the committee of the West of England Border Collie Club for the invitation to judge a level 1 class at your open rally competition, and to my super scribe, Helen Chetwynd.

The weather played a big part in proceedings, it was forecast to be very windy and wet. A small part of me expected a call to say it was cancelled but it wasn’t and in the end the weather stayed dry albeit very windy, however, I was prepared for the wind with pegs to hold the signs in position. Everything ran smoothly under the watchful eye of the Chief Steward, Sarah Lindsey and I was all finished by about 11.40ish

There were 26 entered in my class and only 8 were absent, which was better than I expected (due to the weather forecast). Of the 18 who came into the ring 13 gained a qualifying score, (8 of which were ‘excellent’), and 5 did not. The standard was very mixed but something that did stand out was that most teams lost marks for Lack of Attention, Tight Leads and Additional Cues – something for your winter training perhaps? However, very well done to everyone, it was really nice to hear people saying how happy they were with their results because it showed them that they are improving and gave them the incentive to improve further.

The 6 whose scores earned them a rosette are:-

1st – Susan Wolf & Exmoor Dark Sky

2nd – Hayley Woodcock & Glenapline Boogie

3rd – Helen Willmot & Earnesto Peabody

4th – Mary Nester & Devongem Bright Buttons

5th – Vicky Norton & He Is A Showman

6th – Eileen Egerton & Tisanes Little Xmas Pud 


Level 1B (part 2)

1. Black Knight Rufus

2. Brinicombe Summer 

3. Chocolate Pudding 

4. Timtaurn Two To Tango with Bedeslea

5. Gracie of Greylake

Level 2A (part 1)

1. Creccamarsh Nobby

2. Janallan Bakari

3. Devongem Bright Buttons

4. Timtaurn Two To Tango with Bedeslea

5.Kentredecim Sabd and Sea

6. Ruskahallen Duggolas

Level 2B (part 2)

1. Ernesto Peabody

2. Exmoor Dark Sky

3. Arrowhill Aurora 

4. Merpop Apollo

5. Tisanes Tudor Boy 

6. Black Knight Rufus