Border Collie Club

Rally October 2019

Level 1

Thank you to the club and committee for asking me to judge Level 1 at their open show. What a lovely day the sun shone, and the wind was calm and a lovely venue. Also a big thanks to the catering team and the ring marshals without there sterling work there would not be a show I would like to say big thank you to all the competitors, the usual mix of very good and only spilt by a point or two, and there were a few that need to work on their dogs attention I would say to those people slow down give your friend time to respond before repeating yourself turn training into a game Finally keep going there was a lot of potential

Lesley Peters

1.Chillipeppa at Willowyarde

2.Argentcymru Caradoc

3.Meisterwerk Reef

 4.Tisanes Little Xmas Pud

5.Peppercorn Spice

6.Billie Boy Blue

Level 2

1.Glenalpine Boogie

2.Go Wild for Expressbury

3.Tisanes Tudor Boy

4.Another Beautiful Husky

5.Foxearth Incognito at Expressbury


Results of Limited Obedience


1.Billy Boy Blue

2.Argentcymru Caradoc at Jarcaniche

3.Ellie Star

4.Crazy Daisy of Turleigh

5.Lily 6.Caskin Golden Boy


1.Corneroak Golden Classic

2.Fred Fat Man Slim

3.Another Beautiful Husky

4.Frederick the Fantastic

5.Come a Long Way Jay

6.Bobby Little Dazzler

Novice Dog & Bitch

Thank you for asking me to judge at this show. Thank you to Gary for stewarding for me and Trena for doing the scoreboard. Thank you to the lovely people who did the catering, lovely food and most welcome. Weather perfect. Lovely competitors and thank you all for not keeping us waiting and making the day great.

1ST 32 V HILL MAISNE BLACK MAGIC WS What a stunning little bitch Zeta is. Stunning heelwork, lovely position, great attention and attitude. Clear recall and retrieve. A joy to judge. Well done.

2ND 62 L SANDS SANDOWNE LITTLE GWEN WS Gwen was handled well and given lots of positive encouragement to maintain a good position and attitude, with good attention. Well done.

3RD 40 [ARO] MR AND MRS KING JODAME GREAT ESCAPE WS Clive handles Quest well and positively. The effort shows in Quest's attitude to the work and gives his all. Lovely heelwork with just a few little mistakes. Well done.

4TH 33 [ARO]V HILL MAISNE MAGIC MOMENT WS Lovely little bitch holding a good position with just a few mistakes and handled well Clear recall and recall. Well done.

5TH 67 [ARO] S SMITH GUNNER JOBLUE GSD Sandra handles Gunner well, very positive. He has a good position, great attention, and just made a few little mistakes. Well done.

6TH 79 C WILTSHIRE TRUBROOK MASON GSD Steve put in a lot of hard work into Mason. Positive handling and lots of encouragement throughout. A few mistakes and very slow sits held him back for a higher place. Well done.


Class A

Thank you Margaret for asking me to judge at your lovely show! I always enjoy this one. I can’t believe the lovely weather today as it has rained for the past 10 days! Thank you also to Liz Jury my steward who did a fantastic job and also kept me in check! Thanks to Gail, Chief Stay Steward and her team and also to the catering team. A special thanks to Sam Rice for helping with the table stewarding! I was asked to judge both the ‘A’ and the ‘B’ classes today and so the “A’ class was first. There were 28 entries with 19 booking in. I wasn’t kept waiting by the competitors which I was very grateful for. Quite a few training rounds and most of these were put to good use.

1st  52     HE IS A SHOWMAN (WS) Lost 2.5 Not much to mark with Rico today, he worked lovely! With a really good scent this gave you first position today! Well done! 

2nd   32   MAISNME BLACK MAGIC (WS)  Lost 4.25 Zeta worked well for her mum today. A lovely round with just a bit of impeding in her heel work and again a very good scent. 

3rd   21  CLEYNEHAGE RIJSSEN (GR)  Lost 4.75 Troy worked 4th in the running order and did a very good round to set the standard. He had a clear retrieve but a shame his scent mark gave him this place today!

4th  76  FRIENDBORN FOREVER GOLD (GR)  Lost 5.5 Poppy worked her socks off and had a fantastic round losing very little but then decided to have fun with the scent cloths! She did bring the correct cloth in eventually, but this cost her first place today!!

5th  39  WONDERFUL WIZZARD (WS)  Lost 6.5 Wizz was full of it! He was having such a good time in the ring which was rather costly for him but he and his dad enjoyed it! He certainly didn’t want to give his dumb-bell up. 

6th  57  TOLLERICE CHASE (NSDTR)  Lost 17.75 Redden worked a very nice round but unfortunately lifted his rear end in the down stay which was very costly for him today. On another day it would be the red one for him!

Class B

There were 10 entries in B today but only 6 booked in. At least that meant there was a rosette for each competitor!! The rain started just as we were about to make the presentation.

1st   64  SNOWBERRY SWIFT (WS)  Lost 2.5 Topper worked his socks off today for his mum and worked a lovely round. A low heel work mark and a clear send away! Well done! 

2nd  10  SHANMILL LIL BIT OF HEAVEN (BC)  Lost 11.5 Bob had beautiful heel work with nothing to mark! I thought that I had found my winner but then his send-away was very costly. Something to work on over the winter!

3rd  80  VAKERANTI ONNYX (GSD)  Lost 32.5 Such a shame as Chas worked a lovely round today but broke his down stay which cost him a higher place. Good luck for next year!

4th 76  FRIENDBORN FOREVER GOLD (GR)  Lost 39 Beautiful heel work and then the send-away cost rather a lot of points! Poppy did make me smile when she did her ‘Morris dancer’ act and went through nearly all the cloths in scent! Sorry I shouldn’t laugh but she was having a wail of a time! Next year……!

5th  39  WONDERFUL WIZZARD  (WS)  Lost 41 Wizz thoroughly enjoys his work but at times I think that he thinks he is in charge. His send away was costly today. He won the ‘toss of the coin’ for this place as he had the same mark as the next dog!

6th  57  TOLLERICE CHASE  (NSDTR)  Lost 41 Sam thought that Redden would mess up the send-away….. and he did! Bless him the rest of his work was pretty good and then they lost the ‘toss of the coin’ to be placed 6th. 

Thank you to all the competitors for accepting my decision today! Enjoy your winter training and I’ll see you at the shows next year!